Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama the Better Executive

which candidate has done a better job running their campaign, including raising money and getting more people involved? sen. barack obama.

more than 450,000 people have donated to the obama campaign since the beginning of the year and he's gotten more results for the money. why is this important? because it says what kind of leader he will be.

here is recent financing information for obama and clinton. new financing reports are due feb. 20.

obama's donor breakdown by %, actual number and dollar amount

top contributors google, goldman sachs, university of california and harvard university are some of obama's top contributors

clinton's top contributors goldman sachs, morgan stanley, microsoft, and emily's list (a group that elects pro-female candidates)
what does this tell you?
clinton gets $764,000 from lobbyists. casinos, banks, healthcare and HMOs, hedge funds, insurance, lawyers, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, real estate, securities and investments, telephone, tv/nusic/movies, tobacco, computers sectors like clinton better than obama in terms of donations
obama leads in two categories: education, retired donors.