Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clinton Squeezed Campaign About to get Nasty

brace yourselves. politics is getting nasty.

clinton has to win texas or ohio or else she's out. superdelegates are going to vote with the people, contrary to their ability to do otherwise, or face serious backlash.

clinton's upped her "lack of experience" and "lack of substance" rhetoric against obama in her campaign and apparently has a new strategy.

and the lack of substance on behalf of media pundits and other journalist types, leads them to write about obama's "lack of experience" and "lack of substance." the pleasant newsweek piece that i won't bother to link, a couple of obama mania pieces in the NYT and more cult, obsession pieces at politico and all over the web, mean that people just can't seem to find anything else to say about obama.

but it's coming. just wait.

loosey goosey reporting will lead to an obama piece like the john mccain piece the nyt published. i'm not a mccain supporter. obviously. talk about lack of substance. i don't think i've heard him talk about the economy.

but that kind of reporting, with innuendos, is wrong. it's gossip. interesting that they added a mccain statement at the end of the story. (the story behind the nyt story.)

the media needs to do some analsysis pieces. perhaps a look from an historical perspective as to what makes a great leader or the pros and cons of mandated vs. affordable healthcare. not stories suggesting a candidate has had an affair or attacking another candidate's supporters as delusional, manic, nutty, swoony or whatever.

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