Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama Cucumber Cool in Debate

this is telling, an ohio newspaper poll says obama won the debate:

Who do you think won the
Clinton 52 (15.71%)
Obama 279 (84.29%)

nothing rattles him.
good hashing out of the issues.

key point: obama pointed out that clinton keeps saying she will "fight" for healthcare.
obama: you can't just fight. change happens when you mobilize and inspire the american people to demand healthcare.

on financing: obama's contributions average is $109

clinton said that "denouncing" wasn't as strong as "rejecting" the support of louis farrakhan, who announced his support for obama. he is know for his anti semitic views.

funny moment when obama concedes the point: "i would reject and denounce."

ends on a conciliatory note, this time with obama saying he's pleased to be running with her.
clinton returns the decent tone.

civil debate overall.

msnbc poll

Who won the debate? * 73606 responses
Hillary Clinton won.22%
Barack Obama won.65%
Neither won.13%
Did the debate help you decide who to vote for? * 71654 responses
Yes, my mind's made up.51%
No, I still can't decide.4.4%
It made me lean toward Hillary Clinton.11%
It made me lean toward Barack Obama.30%
It made me want to look elsewhere.2.9%
Will Ralph Nader's entrance into the presidential race hurt the Democrats? * 71798 responses
Yes, once again Nader could siphon off just enough votes to hurt the Democrats.20%
No, Nader doesn't have the sway he once had.80%


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