Monday, November 08, 2004

Joy of Firefox

for those of us who spend lots of time on the Internet -- a new browser -- Mozilla Firefox. no popups and it works great. it transfers your bookmarks and all that automatically.
this from a story by a former colleague at the star tribune:

Q: Microsoft seems to be the target of every hacker on the Internet. Is Internet Explorer Web browser safe?

A In a word, no. Microsoft has corrected many flaws in its software, but new vulnerabilities are discovered frequently. An average of 48 vulnerabilities in Windows-based software were discovered every week during the first half of 2004.

You have three choices: Hope Internet troublemakers don't find you, hope Microsoft fixes the holes before you are affected by them, or find a new Web browser to replace Internet Explorer.

If you choose the latter, I recommend Mozilla Firefox, a free, full-featured Web browser (it even includes a pop-up blocker). Aside from its technical security features, Mozilla Firefox has two advantages that tend to protect it from hackers: It isn't from Microsoft, and it is used by so few people that it doesn't represent a satisfying target for Internet malcontents. You can download it from