Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader Says Obama Has Substance

nader announced he's running for president this morning on meet the press.
it's not as if nader really wants to win. he wants the parties to talk about issues he thinks are important, such as bloated government spending and corporate greed.
i think obama is talking about those things. nader seems to respect obama but he says obama is censoring himself. i think obama is trying to strike a balance.
nader and obama largely care about the same things. but obama's leadership qualities are far above nader's.
people seemed to have underestimated how important leadership is. media pundits and clinton supporters are in denial about it. instead they call obama supporters delusional and naive. they don't see obama as a strong leader.
more than anything, that is what we need. we need someone can mobilize and organize people to get the work done. obama wants to include people in government. when was the last time a president offered that? people want to be involved.
that's how things get done. change comes from the bottom up, from the masses of people. i think many have yet to realize exactly how big this "movement" is.