Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What is a Conservative Republican?

i really would like to know.
it seems that they are people who just spew hate.
the "conservative" talk show host bill cunningham is now mad at john mccain for throwing him under the bus.
yesterday, radio talk guy used obama's middle name several times while introducing mccain at a mccain rally in ohio. radio host guy said that the media should “peel the bark off Barack Hussein Obama.” the intention was clear. no one uses mccain's middle name.
ignorant radio guy was appealing to the small-minded people who think that because obama's middle name is hussein that somehow he must be related to sadaam, or that he must be a terrorist or that he likes terrorists.
mccain apologized like a man with values. i respect that.
but what's with "conservatives?"
i thought that conservatives were religious people. I though they had values. i thought that was what they prided themselves on but they seem to hate more than anything. the tactic that cunninham used is obviously wrong and frankly, stupid by any measure.
what do they stand for? why do folks such as rush limbaugh and this cunningham guy get so much of these conservatives' attention?

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