Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Polls: Democratic Nomination, North Carolina, Indiana

Democratic Presidential Nomination
CBS News/NY Times
Obama 46, Clinton 38
Obama +8.0
Democratic Presidential Nomination
Obama 46, Clinton 43
Obama +3.0

North Carolina Democratic Primary
Obama 51, Clinton 37
Obama +14.0
North Carolina Democratic Primary
Obama 49, Clinton 44
Obama +5.0

Indiana Democratic Primary
Clinton 50, Obama 42
Clinton +8.0

McCain: Nice Little Break for Americans

he's talking about the mccain-hillary gas tax holiday, which has been criticized by many economists. one, it could actually drive up prices even more, two it's part of hillary's "gift basket" politics, three, it makes no sense whatsoever.

hillary is running around posing for cameras at indiana gas stations doing her part to promote the mccain-hillary holiday. her supporters cheer. come on, ladies. it's sad so many women are playing into this first woman president thing at the cost electing the worst candidate. hillary's even running an ad based on the holiday. i guess she's counting on the stupid people vote.

on this issue alone, obama proves once again that he can stand alone and make the right decision, just like his opposition to the iraq war. the clear difference between obama and hillary is that she's lying to her supporters to get them to vote for her. she'll say anything. obama hasn't stooped.

it's too bad that many americans are blind to hillary's shenanigans. do they just not care about the methods she uses to win? but it's clear that this nation needs obama as president. he will be good for the country in so many ways. his grasp of economics is way underestimated. all of his naysayers will be proven wrong.

more opposition to the mccain-hillary holiday:

In response to Senator Clinton and Senator McCain's recent calls for a gas tax "holiday," former Clinton Energy Secretary Federico Peña released the following statement today:

Today we're seeing another example of Washington politics at its worst. Senator Clinton is running TV ads and launching repeated attacks on Barack Obama for not supporting the gas tax holiday she's supporting, but today her own aides told the Washington Post that they know that this is a questionable plan and that they are using it to make it appear they're against big oil. The Clinton gas tax gimmick does little to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and will actually increase oil prices. It is the kind of pandering that insults people's intelligence. With energy prices skyrocketing, we're looking for real solutions—not political posturing to get elected.
Gas Tax Holiday Folly
No Way, No How Can Hillary Win

Friedman: Gas Tax Holiday Folly

Another expert outs the Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday for what it is. stupid. Come on people, you must see Hillary for who she is. A panderer and an old-time politician. Besides, a vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill. You're not getting the first woman president. Let's wait for the real thing, a woman who gets into office on her own merits.
nyt: It is great to see that we finally have some national unity on energy policy. Unfortunately, the unifying idea is so ridiculous, so unworthy of the people aspiring to lead our nation, it takes your breath away. Hillary Clinton has decided to line up with John McCain in pushing to suspend the federal excise tax on gasoline, 18.4 cents a gallon, for this summer’s travel season. This is not an energy policy. This is money laundering: we borrow money from China and ship it to Saudi Arabia and take a little cut for ourselves as it goes through our gas tanks. What a way to build our country.

When the summer is over, we will have increased our debt to China, increased our transfer of wealth to Saudi Arabia and increased our contribution to global warming for our kids to inherit.

No, no, no, we’ll just get the money by taxing Big Oil, says Mrs. Clinton. Even if you could do that, what a terrible way to spend precious tax dollars — burning it up on the way to the beach rather than on innovation?

The McCain-Clinton gas holiday proposal is a perfect example of what energy expert Peter Schwartz of Global Business Network describes as the true American energy policy today: “Maximize demand, minimize supply and buy the rest from the people who hate us the most.”

Good for Barack Obama for resisting this shameful pandering.

But here’s what’s scary: our problem is so much worse than you think. We have no energy strategy. If you are going to use tax policy to shape energy strategy then you want to raise taxes on the things you want to discourage — gasoline consumption and gas-guzzling cars — and you want to lower taxes on the things you want to encourage — new, renewable energy technologies. We are doing just the opposite.

Are you sitting down?

Few Americans know it, but for almost a year now, Congress has been bickering over whether and how to renew the investment tax credit to stimulate investment in solar energy and the production tax credit to encourage investment in wind energy. The bickering has been so poisonous that when Congress passed the 2007 energy bill last December, it failed to extend any stimulus for wind and solar energy production. Oil and gas kept all their credits, but those for wind and solar have been left to expire this December. I am not making this up. At a time when we should be throwing everything into clean power innovation, we are squabbling over pennies.

These credits are critical because they ensure that if oil prices slip back down again — which often happens — investments in wind and solar would still be profitable. That’s how you launch a new energy technology and help it achieve scale, so it can compete without subsidies.

No Way, No How Can Hillary Win

Obama Talks Post Election

at an informal outdoor meeting with michelle and barack obama in indiana, a resident asked what happens after the election?
obama said (paraphrased): much of the grass roots organization that has been developed will still be in place after the election. people have organized across the nation.
we didn't originally have big plans for idaho but the people did. our database of 2 million people is active, inspired, they're communicating with each other.
i want to continue that with town halls after the election. i want to open up transparency in government so you know on a day to day basis what's happening. i want to revamp the whitehouse website, so you can see what's going on. i want to send government leaders out into the public.
enlisting the american people is one way to counteract the special interests.
i need the american people involved and to accept that sometimes there aren't quick fixes. we have to look out for the next generation.
for example, instead of the gas tax holiday, which was done in the 1980s, if they put the money into replacing the auto engine or developing alternative fuels, we'd be in a stronger position. but we just keep putting off the big issues. the time is now. that means making hard choices now.

Obama Adds 3 Superdelegates Today

today's supers: iowa's bruce braley, baron hill of indiana and lois capps of california.
Congressman Braley said, "It's hard not to be excited about Barack Obama. On a cold January night, and again during Saturday’s First District Convention in Iowa, I saw countless people participating in the political process for the very first time because they were so inspired by Senator Obama's unique ability to transcend the politics of fear and division that have crippled this country for the past eight years.

"In this same spirit, I believe there's one candidate for President who has the ability to unite our country and bring about the change we need. That's why today I'm proud to endorse Barack Obama for President."

Senator Barack Obama said, "I'm grateful to have Congressman Braley's support. From raising the minimum wage to standing up for fair trade laws, Congressman Braley has been fighting to bring about real change for working Americans. That's what he did as an attorney in Iowa for more than two decades by helping ordinary Americans who'd lost their jobs and pensions. And that's what we'll do together when I'm President – by fixing our economy, strengthening our middle class, and putting the American dream within reach for all Americans."
Rep. Baron Hill of Indiana

"Some have advised me to be cautious, to wait and see which way the electoral winds may blow. I confess that I have listened to those voices and been tempted by their reasoning. But, the stakes are just too high. We cannot continue to pursue the same politics of personal destruction we have engaged in for a generation, some never-ending “groundhog day” endlessly playing out the cultural wars of forty years ago.

If we are going to develop real solutions for Hoosier families, for America’s families, we have to move past the partisan gridlock. I believe both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama want to do that and I believe both are formidable candidates. But, I also believe that only one of them truly can.

I am proud of Senator Obama’s call for change in Washington – change I have been advocating since I first sought public office. I am truly hopeful that his campaign and election will help unify our nation and ultimately change our politics. I am pleased that Senator Obama clearly and unequivocally denounced Reverend Wright’s remarks. Hoosiers don’t feel that way about our country, I don’t feel that way about our country and Senator Obama made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t feel that way either.

His comments regarding statements made by Reverend Wright showed me another aspect of Senator Obama’s leadership – a strength of character and commitment to our nation that transcends the personal. One of the tests of a true leader is his ability and willingness to come to a new conclusion based on new events. Senator Obama did just that yesterday.

I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with both Senators Clinton and Obama. Choosing between two worthy candidates was very difficult, but in the end, after much discussion with people in Southern Indiana, as well as mentors of mine such as Lee Hamilton, I have decided to support Senator Obama.

I believe Senator Obama has the capability to change the tone and tenor of politics in Washington. I believe that he can and will work with both parties and elevate the level of public discourse. Hoosiers are independent people who want to see civility and common-sense solutions implemented in Washington. Like us, Senator Obama strives to put the good of the country before the good of a particular political party. “

As someone who has always worked in a bipartisan manner to achieve results, I know that we need a president who can bring people together and build consensus to move this country in a new and exciting direction. And that person is Senator Barack Obama.”
And Rep. Lois Capps of California

Today Congresswoman Lois Capps (CA-23), Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues and Chair of the Democratic Women's Working Group, released the following statement regarding her endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President:

"Today, I am announcing my endorsement of Barack Obama for President.

"This wasn't an easy decision for me. Democrats were blessed this year with many talented and capable candidates, and I believe both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama would make fine presidents. But Sen. Obama's proven judgment, his hopeful vision for America, and his unmatched ability to motivate millions of Americans eager for change made the choice for me.

"I have enormous respect for Sen. Clinton. She is smart, dedicated and a champion of those often underserved and forgotten. She has a remarkable record of achievement that inspires us all. And her election would fulfill a life long dream for so many of us who have been fighting for women's rights. She would make a great president.

"But for me, Barack Obama is the best choice.

"There are a number of reasons I could cite. He has promoted smart policies to address our nation's greatest challenges. He was right on Iraq when so many were wrong. He speaks with an eloquence that most public officials can only dream of and is inspiring millions of Americans to reconnect with politics or connect for the first time. And he can win in November.

"These are all true and good reasons, but I also believe Barack Obama is the better choice because of something larger and perhaps more important. Simply put, he has made a call to the better angels of our nature. He is challenging us to lift ourselves out of the ugliness that increasingly consumes Washington, where the heat of your argument counts for more than the light it should bring. He is asking us to stand together as Americans and transcend the traditional lines that have so often divided us by party affiliation, economic status, gender, or race. He is calling on us to rethink our approach to problem solving in the face of the enormous challenges facing our country, like Iraq, economic recession, global warming, record energy prices, and 47 million Americans without health insurance, to name just a few. I believe in his effort to put our country on a new path and want to help him make that happen.

"I came to Washington 10 years ago after winning the seat my husband Walter held. In office for a mere 10 months before he died, he had lost none of the idealism and faith in American democracy that propelled his life. Quite frankly, I don't believe he ever would have and I know that I have tried to keep that fire burning. But I'll admit it's hard, when so much of what's going on around you is less about meeting our country's challenges and more about demonizing your political opponents.

"Walter once said that "we are strongest as people when we are directed by that which unites us, rather than giving into the fears, suspicions, innuendos and paranoias that divide." For years I have been waiting for a President that speaks to that vision. I believe Barack Obama may very well be that rare leader."

Republicans Attacking Obama Igoring Hillary

despite hillary's win in pennsylvania, republicans continue to pounce on obama. he's in the lead, so it's natural to knock the leader. they also probably figure they may as well get him when they think he's down. but i think there's a bigger reason why they're attacking obama-- they hate his success.

here is this young guy, who's done more in a single year than they've done in their political lifetimes. obama's rallying the masses with this new politics, yet he's black, which is causing them troubles, namely, how to make racist attacks without appearing racist. i'll say one thing, i'm glad i'm not a republican.

i'm hoping this is the year that voters reject negative politics. i'm hoping this is the year of the savvy voter, one who knows a distraction, one who knows the difference between a political trick and the real thing.
politico: Clinton, it seems, has been erased from the picture, Soviet-style. Republicans mostly act like she doesn’t exist—an unusual turn of events considering her run of big-state victories and the fact that not so long ago Republican campaign plans were predicated on the idea of Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

Indeed, her recent success has only increased the volume and ferocity of the attacks—not on her, but on Obama.

After her Pennsylvania win last week, the RNC did not send a single e-mail focused on Clinton through Monday. At the same time, the committee blasted out 18 that attacked Obama.

When McCain’s campaign last week launched a new morning e-mail to reporters detailing the day’s schedule and drawing attention to preferred stories, they signaled the candidate who has their undivided attention.

Included each day along with critical articles about Obama is the “Audacity Watch,” the smart-alecky rubric under which they take the Illinois senator to task for some public comment or policy position.

There has yet to be any mention of the senator from New York.

Nor did Clinton’s name surface other than in passing in a press release dressed up as a “memo” that was sent out last week by McCain campaign manager Rick Davis. While it ticked off reams of Pennsylvania exit poll data highlighting Obama’s potential vulnerabilities, there was again no discussion of potential Clinton weaknesses.

“Even though Hillary Clinton won this primary, Barack Obama is seen as the front runner among Pennsylvania Democrats and is perceived to be the candidate most likely to win the Democratic Party’s nomination,” Davis explained.

McCain himself has become more aggressive in hitting Obama.

On ABC’s “This Week” last Sunday, he raised, unprompted, the Democrat’s views on capital gains taxes and his ties to a member of the radical Weather Underground group. In a conference call with conservative bloggers Friday, McCain responded to a question about words of support a Hamas political adviser had bestowed on Obama by saying it’s “very clear who Hamas wants to be the next president of the United States.” He then noted leftist Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega’s support for Obama, as well.

Sunday, McCain ended his reluctance to go after the Illinois senator over Obama’s controversial pastor by bringing up two new statements made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

On Clinton, McCain has said next to nothing of late, including her only in broad critiques that are always twinned with shots at Obama.

Former Edwards Backer to Endorse Obama

i don't know if you're counting, but i am and since pennsylvania, obama has gained 9 superdelgates now to hillary's 4.
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) An aide to U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, says he will announce his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday.

Braley spokesman Jeff Giertz says Braley will endorse the Illinois senator during an afternoon conference call.

Braley was an early and ardent backer of John Edwards, but had remained uncommitted since Edwards dropped out of the race at the end of January.

Obama Leads in Elected Superdelegates

many of the supers are remaining uncommitted to let the voters have their say first. here's a good superdelgate wrap story:

wsj: Among elected officials, Sen. Obama leads in endorsements from governors and senators. He is behind among House members by one, but both camps expect him to pull ahead unless he does badly in next Tuesday's Indiana and North Carolina primaries. If he doesn't stumble, enough elected Democrats are expected to back Sen. Obama after the last primaries June 3 to give him the delegate majority needed for nomination.

Many of them see Sen. Obama as more electable than Sen. Clinton. But even those who don't have been impressed by his grass-roots organizing and fund raising and the legions of new voters he has attracted, particularly younger and African-American voters.

The politicians -- especially Democrats with significant African-American populations or college campuses in their districts -- see benefit for themselves in these new voters. By contrast, many see Sen. Clinton's alienating some general-election voters.

A Democratic strategist to congressional candidates cites Sen. Clinton's high negative ratings in opinion polls. Politicians "all think Obama will stimulate African-American turnout, and they all know there's no way she gets independents or Republicans," says the strategist, who is unaligned in the presidential race.

Sen. Clinton still leads in endorsements from nonelected officials. Many have known her and former President Clinton since the couple's White House years, or worked for them then.

The Clinton campaign is counting on this group to be fertile ground to sow doubts about Sen. Obama's electability, citing his weaker showings in big states and among working-class whites, seniors and Roman Catholics.

The Obama camp late last week countered by emailing superdelegates a memo citing state polls to argue that either Democrat could beat Sen. John McCain, the likely Republican nominee, in the big states where Sen. Clinton beat Sen. Obama in the primaries, such as California and New York. But Sen. Obama, the memo contended, would "put new states in play."

His campaign also just announced a 50-state voter mobilization. That reflects another pitch to nonelected party officials: That Sen. Obama would work to build the party even in Republican "red" states, and has the money to do it, while Sen. Clinton focuses only on Democratic "blue" states and battlegrounds such as Ohio.

Interviews with party officials suggest this appeal has effectively exploited lingering resentments that the DNC, under President Clinton, abandoned the red states. "Obama has made it absolutely clear he's committed to the 50-state strategy, and the Clintons obviously aren't," says Nebraska party chairman Steve Achepohl, who endorsed Sen. Obama last week. "That's a major factor for all the party people in smaller states."

About 300 of the 795 superdelegates remain uncommitted; they don't have to endorse anyone until Aug. 27 at the Democrats' Denver convention. Party Chairman Howard Dean, among others, is urging them to go public after the primaries end.

Obama Rally in Indiana April 30

these events are usually streamed at
Join Barack Obama at a rally in Bloomington on Wednesday, April 30th.

Assembly Hall at Indiana University
1001 E. 17th St.
Bloomington, IN

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
Doors Open: 6:00 p.m.
Program Begins: 8:30 p.m.

Public parking is available at Gates 4 and 12.

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Most Oppose the Gas Tax Holiday

hillary has gone and made an ad about her "holiday" (mccain's too!) and during her campaign, her supporters cheered the idea, yay! we save $25 in the summer! obama has debunked the holiday as a gimmick.

and only one person supports it (a clinton supporter) and 8 (a mix of clinton and obama supporters and economists) say it's a stupid idea.
here's what nyt paul krugman (hillary supporter) said:
Why doesn't cutting the gas tax this summer make sense? It's Econ 101 tax incidence theory: if the supply of a good is more or less unresponsive to the price, the price to consumers will always rise until the quantity demanded falls to match the quantity supplied. Cut taxes, and all that happens is that the pretax price rises by the same amount. The McCain gas tax plan is a giveaway to oil companies, disguised as a gift to consumers.

Is the supply of gasoline really fixed? For this coming summer, it is. Refineries normally run flat out in the summer, the season of peak driving. Any elasticity in the supply comes earlier in the year, when refiners decide how much to put in inventories. The McCain/Clinton gas tax proposal comes too late for that. So it's Econ 101: the tax cut really goes to the oil companies.

The Clinton twist is that she proposes paying for the revenue loss with an excess profits tax on oil companies. In one pocket, out the other. So it's pointless, not evil. But it is pointless, and disappointing. read the rest

end of story. hillary is pandering yet again.
No Way, No How Can Hillary Win

Kentucky Superdelegate Second to Endorse Obama Today

it's nice to have a kentucky endorsement -- kentucky seems to be pennsylvania on steroids.
LOUISVILLE, KY — U.S. Congressman Ben Chandler from Kentucky endorsed Barack Obama for President today, citing his ability to lead the country forward:
"Today I am pleased to announce my support and to offer my endorsement to Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States. I have listened to this man, I have met with him and like many of you, I am inspired by his message of change and of hope for our future. But more importantly, I am convinced Barack Obama will provide the steady hand and leadership we need to chart a new path for our nation.

In these tough economic times, when many in our nation and right here in Kentucky are struggling to make ends meet and to provide for their families, too much is at stake for us to do nothing. I hope all Kentuckians and citizens throughout the nation will join with me in firmly supporting Barack Obama to lead our nation to a better future and to a place of respect for our country around the world."

Said Obama: "I am honored to have the support of Congressman Ben Chandler. As a Congressman, Ben has been a tireless fighter for working families and seniors, our troops in Iraq and our veterans at home. When he served as Kentucky Attorney General, he fought to pass Megan's Law and protect women and children, and he took action to protect the elderly from patient abuse and neglect. I look forward to working with Ben to strengthen our middle class and to keep our sacred trust with our past and present servicemen and women.”

Congressman Chandler is Senator Obama’s 244th Superdelegate endorsement. Senator Obama is now 288 delegates away from winning the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

The Obamas on Rachael Ray

Latest Indiana and North Carolina Polls

keep in mind, polls are meant to influence as much as measure. for what they're worth, here are the latest polls, which are fluctuating wildly:
North Carolina Democratic Primary
Rasmussen Obama 51, Clinton 37
Obama +14.0

North Carolina Democratic Primary
SurveyUSA Obama 49, Clinton 44
Obama +5.0

Indiana Democratic Primary
PPP (D) Clinton 50, Obama 42
Clinton +8.0

Indiana Democratic Primary
Howey-Gauge Clinton 45, Obama 47
Obama +2.0

Democratic Presidential Nomination
Gallup Tracking Obama 46, Clinton 47
Clinton +1.0

Democratic Presidential Nomination
Rasmussen Tracking Obama 49, Clinton 41
Obama +8.0

Obama on NAFTA and Mexico

at obama's second town hall in north carolina a resident asked what was the link between NAFTA and mexico. here is what obama said (paraphrased):
when the u.s. passed nafta no one thought that our agriculture system would flood mexico with cheap food. their farmers were destroyed. huge numbers of mexican farmers were displaced. they came here. you can't blame them. i understand the anger about immigration. but employers are purposely hiring undocumented workers to avoid paying living wages to american workers.
these folks from mexico are just trying to survive and eat. we're not going to send everyone back. in my hometown, we have polish immigrants and irish immigrants who aren't necessarily legal. the money we spend rounding up people, locking them up and sending them out is not going to happen.
to remedy the problem: have undocumented workers register to work, pay a fine, learn english, pay back taxes, go to the back of the line for legal residency, give them a pathway to legal status. we've got to work with mexico to so that they're doing right by their workers. a guy name slim from mexico is the second richest man in the world. the income inequality is greater there than it is here. a lot of them would rather live there if there were living wages.

Enough of Wright

visit the atlantic if you want to hear obama's denouncement of wright today. there are a feast of stories here and republicans are still scheming their spin-- we'll see that in days to come. but i'm convinced that most of us don't care about this anymore, so this is my final post on wright. the only way to move past this is to stop jabbering about it.
obama's comments

Obama Rally Chapel Hill North Carolina Video

Gas Tax Holiday Political Gimmick

obama is the only one making sense on this "holiday," separating himself from the panderers.
oregonian: Sen. John McCain's idea to give Americans a summer holiday from federal gas taxes is about as weighty as a Barbie Dream Car, yet he can't stop driving it into the ground.

Neither can Sen. Hillary Clinton. The two presidential contenders can't resist the chance to pander to voters and, as a bonus, paint Sen. Barack Obama as an elitist. By doing so, they're missing an opportunity to show leadership on some major long-term challenges -- such as updating the nation's crowded roads and aging bridges.

In a speech on April 15, McCain proposed that the federal government suspend the 18.4-cent-per-gallon gas tax and the 24.4-cent-per-gallon diesel tax between Memorial Day and Labor Day. He painted the idea as tax relief for ordinary Americans and as a stimulus for the ailing economy.

McCain's idea is problematic on several levels. First, it would begin and end several months before the next president takes office, so it's more of a thought balloon than a plan. Second, the tax relief would save the typical American family only about $40 per car, while also siphoning $10 billion from the cash-strapped federal highway fund.

What's more, leading economists say the tax break would do little to lower the prices at the pump. More likely, the slightly lower prices would lead to higher demand, which would push the prices back up, allowing oil companies to make more money while federal tax coffers go hungry.

This is an election-year sop, not a plan for the future. Yet the millionaire senator and presumptive Republican nominee has stuck with it, using it as shorthand to call Obama -- who opposes the tax holiday -- out of touch with ordinary Americans.

"Obviously," McCain said Sunday while campaigning in Florida, " Senator Obama does not understand that this would be a nice thing for Americans."

Clinton piled on as well.

"My opponent Senator Obama opposes giving consumers a break on the gas tax at the federal level," she told supporters in North Carolina on Monday. "I support it. I understand the American people need some relief."

We agree with Obama on this issue. He calls it a short-term fix that benefits oil companies rather than consumers, and says it creates the illusion of leadership without actual change. But we also expect more from McCain, an independent thinker who rarely resorts to such political gimmicks. more

Iowa Superdelegate Endorses Obama

that's 7 for obama, 3 for clinton since pennsylvania. more coming today possibly.

des moine register: Winthrop farmer Richard Machacek, an Iowa superdelegate, said today he is pledging to support Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Machacek, a member of the Democratic National Committee, had been uncommitted. He said he saw little difference between Obama and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton on policy positions or ability.

Machacek, a Buchanan County Democrat also on the party's state central committee, said Obama's performance at Saturday's Democratic district conventions in Iowa tipped the balance in his favor.

Obama netted 16 of the 29 national convention delegates at stake in the state's five congressional districts, while Clinton received nine. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards received four delegates, having retained sufficient support in some districts despite leaving the race in January.

"I think it needs to be over, and in good conscience, I can't fly in the face of my precinct, county and district," Machacek told The Des Moines Register in a telephone interview. "The raw numbers coming out of the district conventions really sat me down hard."

Obama won Iowa's leadoff caucuses on Jan. 3, but has expanded his share of Iowa's pledged national national delegates through the county and district conventions.

Machacek is one of Iowa's 12 Democratic superdelegates. These delegates, who are party and elected officials, have special authority to back whom they prefer at the national convention, regardless of the outcome of their state's nominating contest results.

Obama Press Conference on Wright

at obama's town hall in north carolina, he said he would be holding a press conference on wright today. he said that in response to a woman who said she was "sick to death" of the soundbytes of jeremiah wright. she encouraged everyone to watch the PBS interview if they had any concerns.

obama said that wright is diverting the attention from the real problems and he had planned to address the media today. it's good to hear that people are tuning out.

a man from liberia said that africans are praying for obama to become president and asked what this would mean to african children. imagine.

on the gas tax holiday, he reiterated that it would only save people only $25 to $30, and take away from the money that goes on to fix the roads. the solution is long-term, he said. "i want to solve the problem, not just patch things up to get through an election."

a woman asked about the demographics: why he wasn't attracting the white working class and older women. obama said that some of the reporting is skewed. he's won much of those demographics in other states.

he has not won them in ohio and pennsylvania. he said people there know hillary and feel loyal to her.

i'll post video when it's available.

McCain and Hillary Go on Gas Tax Holiday Together

mccain's silly gas tax holiday is hillary's too:
nyt: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton lined up with Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, in endorsing a plan to suspend the federal excise tax on gasoline, 18.4 cents a gallon, for the summer travel season. But Senator Barack Obama, Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic rival, spoke out firmly against the proposal, saying it would save consumers little and do nothing to curtail oil consumption and imports.

While Mr. Obama’s view is shared by environmentalists and many independent energy analysts, his position allowed Mrs. Clinton to draw a contrast with her opponent in appealing to the hard-hit middle-class families and older Americans who have proven to be the bedrock of her support. She has accused Mr. Obama of being out of touch with ordinary Americans who are struggling to meet their mortgages and gas up their cars and trucks.

It's All About Wright and Miley

there's hardly a story out there that isn't about rev. wright. jeremiah wright has enabled the obama haters to make their voices louder. sharing the headlines with wright is teen star miley cyrus, hannah montana, who's in trouble for posing in vanity fair with her shoulder exposed. as you know, these are all very, very important things.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama On Negative Politics Video

World Media Blasts Hillary Over Obliterating Iran

nary a word was written or told in our parts about hillary's intentions to "obliterate" iran if it attacked israel, but around the world her comment made headlines. that's right, she said she'd kill women, children, wipe iran off the map.

she made the comment right before the pennsylvania vote to puff herself up for the bitter lunchbox hunting crowd.

i guess it worked.

alas, the boston globe has called out hillary for her foolishiness as has the rest of the world. we need more reporting on this.
This foolish and dangerous threat was muted in domestic media coverage. But it reverberated in headlines around the world.

Responding with understatement to a question in the British House of Lords, the foreign minister responsible for Asia, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, said of Clinton's implication of a mushroom cloud over Iran: "While it is reasonable to warn Iran of the consequences of it continuing to develop nuclear weapons and what those real consequences bring to its security, it is probably not prudent in today's world to threaten to obliterate any other country and in many cases civilians resident in such a country."

A less restrained reaction came from an editorial in the Saudi-based paper Arab News. Being neighbors of Iran, the Saudis and the other Gulf Arabs have the most to fear from Iran's nuclear program and its drive to become the dominant power in the Gulf.

But precisely because they are most at risk from Iran's regional ambitions, the Saudis want a carefully considered American approach to Iran, one that balances firmness and diplomatic engagement.

The Saudi paper called Clinton's nuclear threat "the foreign politics of the madhouse," saying, "it demonstrates the same doltish ignorance that has distinguished Bush's foreign relations."

Bill Closes Factory Hillary Criticizes Closure

typical hypocritical twosome. instead of offering more loathing today, i'll let this story speak for itself:

Clinton is airing this advertisement in Indiana, bemoaning the closure of a defense contractor Magnequench's manufacturing plant in Valparaiso (she is also echoing this line in her stump speeches). Looking at the camera, she tells us she's upset that the 200 jobs that were sent to China, and that "now America's defense relies on Chinese spare parts." And then comes the kicker: She tells viewers that "George Bush could have stopped it, but he didn't."

Clinton is certainly right that it is a tragedy that 200 American jobs were killed in a corporate deal that also exported sensitive military technology to China. But she forgets to mention that it wasn't George Bush who was in the key position to stop it - it was Bill Clinton.

Obama's Making Subtle Effective Changes

after watching nearly every rally and town hall, obama has made subtle changes to his town hall sessions and it seems to be working. he's doing a great job of connecting the dots for people, making his style of politics, bottom up, easier to understand.

he's taken off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves and has invited regular citizens to introduce him. the town hall in indiana yesterday with a resident relating his story of losing his job to the audience, was powerful.
wash post: He didn't put it that way exactly. But in a noteworthy shift, the Illinois senator is trying to reach working-class and middle-class voters by arguing more explicitly that the reform ideas driving his campaign can address the economic troubles that threaten their way of life. Supplanting lobbyist influence with citizen activism, uniting the country beyond petty partisan gamesmanship and bringing more candor to government, he argues, are not just abstract goals, but concrete steps that can level the playing field and lead to a more equitable distribution of the nation's wealth.

"When we push back the special interests, when we unify the country, when we speak honestly with the American people about our challenges, there's nothing we can't accomplish, nothing we can't do," he said here. "When we unify the country, we will change our economy."

Hillary's Sticking Up for Obama

flat out, hillary is despicable. it was her campaign that made wright into an issue. how low can she get before her supporters finally see what a horrible candidate she is.
cnn: GRAHAM, North Carolina (CNN) — Hillary Clinton criticized John McCain Monday for not doing enough to stop Republican ads running in North Carolina and Mississippi featuring the infamous comments made by Barack Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

“I believe that if Sen. McCain were serious he would do more than send a letter. He is the putative nominee,” Clinton told reporters. “I think that he could very clearly tell the North Carolina party, tell the Mississippi party that he would not tolerate those kinds of advertisements and I’m waiting to see whether he does that.”

Superdelegate Bingaman Endorses Obama

since the ugly state (pennsylvania) election, obama has gained five supers to hillary's two. that gives obama the lead in senate support.
Today, United States Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) endorsed Barack Obama for president, citing his ability to rise above the issues that divide us, end the war in Iraq, bring universal health care, and make America energy independent.

Senator Bingaman said, “Today, I am announcing my support for Barack Obama for president and declaring my intention to vote for him at the Democratic convention.

“Our nation faces a daunting number of critical challenges: reasserting America’s leadership in the world, meeting our needs for energy independence, addressing global warming, making healthcare accessible and affordable, positioning our economy to effectively compete globally, and extricating ourselves from the war in Iraq, to name a few.

“To make progress, we must rise above the partisanship and the issues that divide us to find common ground. We must move the country in a dramatically new direction.

“I strongly believe Barack Obama is best positioned to lead the nation in that new direction.”

Senator Obama said, “I’m grateful today to have Senator Bingaman’s support. Senator Bingaman has been speaking out in the United States Senate on some of the most pressing issues of our time – saving our environment, fighting global warming, and making America energy independent. Senator Bingaman has been an important advocate in the energy debate, and has served the people of New Mexico for decades, giving voice to the issues that matter to families across the state. We are proud to have his support as we fight to bring about real change for families in New Mexico and across the country.”

Senator Jeff Bingaman is the Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He has served in the United State Senate since 1982, and previously served as New Mexico Attorney General.

Only Anti-Obama People Hate Wright

it's a wright fest in the media today!
check out the latest headlines. here's the top 3 stories at realclearpolitics:
As Wright Speaks Out, New Problems for Obama? - Kate Phillips, NY Times
Wright Has Knocked Obama Campaign Off the Rails - Jim Geraghty, NRO
For Obama, a Voice of Doom? - Eric Pianin, Washington Post

let's face it, the only people who don't understand rev. jeremiah wright are those who don't like obama, that would be the clintons and their camp, and the republican extremists. i think there are plenty of republicans out there who are intelligent enough to know that this is merely a distraction. the rest of us, we've realized this non-issue originated with the clintons and was perpetuated by conservative republicans, in order to bring obama down. the media is merely a tool.

transcript of wright's naacp speech.
wright interview on pbs
q&a portion at the press club

Obama Raps McCain's Silly Gas Tax Holiday

we'd only save $25 to $30 with mccain's holiday and it would take away from the funds that fix the roads.

Obama Gets Some Love in NC

finally, some appreciation in north carolina for obama. an 82-year old woman was indeed fired up. she praised obama's foreign policy of using diplomacy as opposed to bombs.

she insisted he had to be president. obama ended up running into the audience and giving her a kiss. others who asked questions were also appreciative of obama. thank you north carolina.

it was a great town hall. i'll post video when it's available

The Shrinking Presidency

here we are, with our myriads of problems, and one of the most extraordinary leaders signs up to fix our unraveling nation, and what do we do? we proceed to rip him apart.

here is a person who has campaigned tirelessly for the past year, away from his wife and two young daughters, to fight our battles, someone who's obviously patriotic but is accused of not wearing a flag pin.

he's had to go far beyond hillary in his efforts, in part because there still are slugs in this nation who wouldn't vote for a black person.

he's had to battle his own party, the unsavory clintons, who have been less than decent in this campaign and feel entitled to the presidency. that people, women particularly, have been so blind to that, is sad.

because he appeared on fox news with chris wallace to appeal to more voters, liberals, who typically support him, attacked him. what kind of insanity is that?

our irresponsible and shallow media has merely been a tool to barbecue him and they've been able to do it with clips of a preacher. crazy.

all of this seems so absurd. here is this able and talented person, who's enlisted to battle on behalf of americans, and we're tearing him to shreds like rabid dogs. not only that, but we have dragged muslims, an entire race of people and a church congregation through the mud with him.

it's occurring to me that politics and the presidency never will be a way to make meaningful change in this nation.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

McCain Makes Me Chuckle

mccain calling obama insensitive to poor people is like china's leaders calling the dalai lama the devil.

come on mccain, you gotta come up with something better than that. most of us realize that obama has worked on behalf of the poor for many years.

this quote from mccain is absurd.
msnbc: "I noticed again today that Sen. Obama repeated his opposition to giving low-income Americans a tax break, a little bit of relief so they can travel a little further and a little longer, and maybe have a little bit of money left over to enjoy some other things in their lives," McCain said. "Obviously Sen. Obama does not understand that this would be a nice thing for Americans, and the special interests should not be dictating this policy."

Wright's Speech Called Remarkable

rev. wright spoke at an NAACP gathering tonight.
of course, people who need ammo to hate obama will always use rev. jeremiah wright, just as they'll point to a missing lapel pin. i'm glad that wright is talking because the more he stays in the dark, the more people will fear him. with this speech, perhaps the more discerning and open minded people will be able to see that exploiting wright is all part of the political game and not a real issue. we need to get beyond the banality of this election.

here's a clip. i'll post more when it's available.
wright on pbs, part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

Obama With Fox's Chris Wallace

it was the first time i've ever watched fox news sunday -- obama was on with chris wallace -- and i thought wallace asked the questions intelligently and respectfully, even the ugly questions, rev. wright, the weatherman... apparently, fox had been waiting two years to get obama on.

obama did a good job answering his questions. whether or not that will turn any fox viewers is another matter.
for now, chris wallace talks about the show:

here's a link to the whole show.

Obama Town Halls April 29

these are typically streamed at
Barack Obama in Winston-Salem, NC
Join Barack Obama at a Town Hall in Winston-Salem on Tuesday, April 29th.

Town Hall with Barack Obama
Joel Coliseum Annex
300 Deacon Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Tuesday, April 29th
Doors Open: 9:30 a.m.

The event is free and open to the public. However, space is limited and tickets are required. Admission is first-come, first-served for ticket-holders.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.

Barack Obama in Hickory, NC
Join Barack Obama at a Town Hall in Hickory on Tuesday, April 29th.

Town Hall with Barack Obama
Hickory High School
David W. Craft Gymnasium
1234 3rd St. NE
Hickory, NC 28601

Tuesday, April 29th
Doors Open: 2:00 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. However, space is limited and tickets are required. Admission is first-come, first-served for ticket-holders.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.

Obama's Town Halls April 28

update: video at wilmington more video
these are typically live streamed at
no tickets are available for this one
Join Barack Obama at a Town Hall in Wilson on Monday, April 28th.

Town Hall with Barack Obama
Beddingfield High School Gymnasium
4510 Old Stantonsburg Road
Wilson, NC 27893

Monday, April 28th
Doors Open: 4:00 p.m.
Program Begins: 6:00 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. However, space is limited and tickets are required. Admission is first-come, first-served for ticket-holders. Unfortunately this event is at capacity and tickets are no longer available.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.

Barack Obama in Wilmington, NC
Join Barack Obama at a Town Hall in Wilmington on Monday, April 28th.
Town Hall with Barack Obama
Trask Coliseum
679 Wagoner Drive
Wilmington, NC

Monday, April 28th
Doors Open: 11:00 a.m.

The event is free and open to the public. However, space is limited and tickets are required. Admission is first-come, first-served for ticket-holders.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.

No How, No Way Can Hillary Win

this is the best analysis i've seen yet of hillary's impossible chances.

the analysis, dated april 23, starts with the tallies: 1,719 total delegates for Obama and 1,586 for Clinton (obama has added a few more supers since then).

here are her slim to none chances that i don't think her supporters recognize. the only purpose she's serving is her and bill's ego. i feel bad for her $5 and $10 supporters, who really can't afford to give anything at all. to them, i say, let the big donors give. keep your money.

Either Candidate needs a minimum of 2025 delegates to win the nomination.

Now if one of the candidates were to win every remaining primary and obtain every superdelegate available the total would be 503 delegates.

That means Sen Barack Obama would have 2222 delegates

If Sen Hillary Clinton were to garner all remaining delegates, she would have 2089

Hillary Clinton has a cushion of 64 delegates and Barack Obama has a cushion of 197.

The breakdown is 95 superdelegates and 408 pledged delegates.

If Hillary garnered ALL pledged delegates and NO superdelegates, she would have 1994.

If Obama garnered ALL pledged delegates and NO superdelegates, he would have 2127

If Obama obtained NO pledged delegates and ALL superdelegates, he would have 1814

That would mean Obama would need all 95 superdelegates and 211 out of the 408 available

Right now, Hillary Clinton needs 439 delegates, regardless of where they come from. That's 439 out of 503 available. Something tells me that Barack Obama is going to gain at least 64 delegates from the remaining contests between May 3rd and June 3rd.
the rest of the article has a breakdown of the coming primaries. definitely a must read.

No Way, No How Will McCain Win

mccain is running around with the poor people making a media play. but he's not fooling anyone. i don't recall hearing mccain's voice of outrage against the treatment of katrina victims when the event happened, so when he passionately says that the ineptitude and injustice that was katrina will never happen again, that's nice to say, but where were you when it mattered?

mccain is appearing more like a bumble. as soon as he's up against obama, he's going down quickly. voters are getting smart. they're getting smart about politicians and the media.

mccain is weak on the economy. his gas tax holiday is hokey. extending bush's tax cuts for wealthy americans shows he's out of step with america. anything that's related to george bush is not going to fly. bush has simply been the worst president in recent history, and he's completely oblivious to that fact, which makes us more revolted.

mccain's only perceived strength, if you want to call it that, is national security, but i think more americans are becoming aware that we've been snowed on the iraq war. we know that being secure is about more than running around country to country, picking a fight. it's about diplomacy.

the republicans think that war is a given, that we will always be in iraq. the bottom line is that iraq has always been about oil and not a whole lot more.

john mccain can laugh about arugula and whole foods now (since i don't have health insurance, mccain, that's the way i stay healthy), but he's going to be up against a strong candidate, barack obama, a public fed up with bush, and a more politically savvy and engaged public.

frank rich at the nyt says mccain's turn is coming

Mr. McCain is not only burdened with the most despised president in his own 71-year lifetime, but he’s getting none of the seasoning that he, no less than the Democrats, needs to compete in the fall. Age is as much an issue as race and gender in this campaign. Mr. McCain will have to prove not merely that he can keep to the physical rigors of his schedule and fend off investigations of his ties to lobbyists and developers. He also must show he can think and speak fluently about the domestic issues that are gripping the country. Picture him debating either Democrat about health care, the mortgage crisis, stagnant middle-class wages, rice rationing at Costco. It’s not pretty.

Last week found Mr. McCain visiting economically stricken and “forgotten” communities (forgotten by Republicans, that is) in what his campaign bills as the “It’s Time for Action Tour.” It kicked off in Selma, Ala., a predominantly black town where he confirmed his maverick image by drawing an almost exclusively white audience.

The “action” the candidate outlined in the text of his speeches may strike many voters as running the gamut from inaction to inertia. Mr. McCain vowed that he would not “roll out a long list of policy initiatives.” (He can’t, given his long list of tax cuts.) He said he would not bring back lost jobs, lost wages or lost houses. But, as The Birmingham News reported, this stand against government bailouts for struggling Americans didn’t prevent his campaign from helping itself to free labor underwritten by taxpayers: inmates from a local jail were recruited to set up tables and chairs for a private fund-raiser.

The Democrats’ unending brawl may be supplying prime time with a goodly share of melodrama right now, but there will be laughter aplenty once the Republican campaign that’s not ready for prime time emerges from the wings.

Elizabeth Edwards on The Shallow Media

john edwards' wife elizabeth says vote responsibly and demand better from the news media.
nyt: Watching the campaign unfold, I saw how the press gravitated toward a narrative template for the campaign, searching out characters as if for a novel: on one side, a self-described 9/11 hero with a colorful personal life, a former senator who had played a president in the movies, a genuine war hero with a stunning wife and an intriguing temperament, and a handsome governor with a beautiful family and a high school sweetheart as his bride. And on the other side, a senator who had been first lady, a young African-American senator with an Ivy League diploma, a Hispanic governor with a self-deprecating sense of humor and even a former senator from the South standing loyally beside his ill wife. Issues that could make a difference in the lives of Americans didn’t fit into the narrative template and, therefore, took a back seat to these superficialities.

News is different from other programming on television or other content in print. It is essential to an informed electorate. And an informed electorate is essential to freedom itself. But as long as corporations to which news gathering is not the primary source of income or expertise get to decide what information about the candidates “sells,” we are not functioning as well as we could if we had the engaged, skeptical press we deserve.

And the future of news is not bright. Indeed, we’ve heard that CBS may cut its news division, and media consolidation is leading to one-size-fits-all journalism. The state of political campaigning is no better: without a press to push them, candidates whose proposals are not workable avoid the tough questions. All of this leaves voters uncertain about what approach makes the most sense for them. Worse still, it gives us permission to ignore issues and concentrate on things that don’t matter. (Look, the press doesn’t even think there is a difference!)

Marion Resident Kicks Off Obama Town Hall

a marion, indiana resident makes a compelling, heartfelt speech at an obama town hall. he talks about how the loss of his job affected his life. what a fabulous way to kick off a town hall, to have a real person tell his or her story. more, more, more of that.

it's interesting to note that indianans are in the same boat as pennsalvanians yet from what i can tell, they are less bitter, for lack of a better word. indianans and pennsylvanians face the same reality -- their jobs, manufacturing jobs that they've held all their lives, were stripped away and they've since had to retrain for new jobs, when they're near retirement. that is truly sad.

but pennsylvanians seemed much more bitter. at first, it seemed indiana was going to be more of the same. but indianans seem to have a different temperament. they seem to be more hopeful. maybe it's because hillary has had less of a divisive influence there, or maybe because indianans know better.

Obama on Veterans Benefits

Obama's No Drama Team

everytime hillary wins a state, the media goes crazy saying how much of a fighter she is. everytime obama wins a state, the media goes on about how wonderful his campaign is. it's the nature of the media, reactionary.

but the facts are: obama is significantly ahead in delegates, he has won twice as many states, and the superdelegate flow hasn't stopped. it seems to me, obama's strategy of every state matters has worked brilliantly, yet he is still widely underestimated. he's proving that you can take the high road and still win.
politico: But on the whole, the rival Democratic campaigns are a study in contrasts.

Clinton tapped the ranks of Sen. Charles Schumer, a hard-driving New York Democrat, for a press shop that can be as aggressive and unforgiving as the one favored by their former boss. Obama drew from the slightly more sedate worlds of Kerry, former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and former Rep. Richard Gephardt (D-Mo.).

Strategist Mark Penn, a veteran of the toughest White House battles of the 1990s, was deeply unpopular and a divisive presence within the Clinton campaign. Obama strategist David Axelrod is the anti-Penn. In the midst of Penn’s demotion earlier this month, one Obama aide in Chicago remarked to his colleagues about the low-key and well-liked Axelrod: “Do you know how lucky we are that he is our Mark Penn?”

Unlike Clinton’s team, the Obama campaign did not start with pre-existing rivalries. Axelrod and campaign manager David Plouffe were business partners, while Plouffe and Robert Gibbs, the communications director, share season tickets to the Washington Nationals. The staff, many of whom left family and lives behind to work in Chicago, have only each other to rely on in a place far from home.

“We would go to a basketball or baseball game together if we weren’t doing this right now,” Gibbs said. “We are all both friends and colleagues, and I think that is important. We feel we are a cohesive type of unit, not a group of individuals.”

Jim Margolis, Obama’s media consultant, said he had planned to take a pass on the presidential race in 2008. His first candidate, former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, dropped out, and he had a rocky experience on Kerry’s 2004 campaign. But he ended up on the same plane one day with Axelrod and began to reconsider.

“You gotta come spend a little more time with Barack,” Axelrod told him.

“You know what these things are like,” Margolis said.

“There are no assholes,” Axelrod responded. “There are going to be no assholes on this campaign.”

While the Clinton campaign toggled between strategies and messages, Obama aides crafted an approach months ago that remains their guiding document to this day: run on change, win Iowa and then embark on a national campaign aimed at maximizing their delegate count.

Arizona Superdelegate Fernandez Backs Obama

PHOENIX, AZ — Today newly elected Arizona Democratic Party First Vice Chairwoman and Superdelegate Charlene Fernandez endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president.

“Senator Barack Obama is strengthening the Democratic Party by bringing in new voters, young and old, into the process. I believe Senator Obama has the best ability to win the White House in November and lead this country forward.”

Fernandez, who was elected as first vice chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party today, is Senator Obama’s 241st Superdelegate endorsement. Senator Obama is now 290 delegates away from winning the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Many Clinton Donors Now Writing Checks to Obama

this by way of dailykos.
washington post: More than 70 top Clinton donors wrote their first checks to Obama in March, campaign records show. Clinton's lead among superdelegates, a collection of almost 800 party leaders and elected officials, has slipped from 106 in December to 23 now, according to an Associated Press tally.

"If you have any, any kind of loyalty to the Democratic Party, perhaps you need to rethink your strategy and bow out gracefully in order to save this party from a disastrous end in November," Rep. William Lacy Clay (Mo.), an African American Obama supporter, said in an appeal to Clinton.

"If you have any, any kind of loyalty to the Democratic Party, perhaps you need to rethink your strategy and bow out gracefully in order to save this party from a disastrous end in November," Rep. William Lacy Clay (Mo.), an African American Obama supporter, said in an appeal to Clinton.

Obama Leads New Newsweek Poll

for the democratic nomination, he leads 48 to 41.
obama meets with the indiana star's editorial board

Hillary's Revenge

many people are leaving the clinton camp for the obama camp -- there was bill richardson, bill's former cabinet members, several superdelegates, and others. but what if hillary stole the nomination? payback time. also, can you imagine all the promises and backdoor deals the clintons are making?
newsweek: Not that anyone will be sleeping with the fishes with Hillary in the White House, but with the Clintons it's business and it's personal. Just think of all the scores to settle, the grievances to indulge. Bill Clinton provided a preview this week, blaming the Obama campaign for playing the race card against him. Tricky maneuver, but perhaps the only way the former president can come to grips with his loss of standing in the African-American community, once his strongest constituency. (South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, an undeclared superdelegate who is African-American, told the New York Times this week that the black community had supported Clinton during his impeachment and that "I think black folks feel strongly that this is a strange way [for him] to show his appreciation.")

Hillary's Father Had a Drapery Business

oh my gosh, when you think she couldn't get anymore pander-y, hillary drags out draperies in indiana, talking about how she helped her father at his drapery business and how it gave her midwestern values.

i don't know what her values are but they are far from midwestern. i know many pundits are calling on obama to do the same, become a chameleon, but it seems so transparent and phony.

cnn: Talking about helping her father (a “small businessman,” she emphasized) in his drapery business when she was growing up in Chicago, Clinton told the crowd, “It was one of the many experiences that really taught me the values that I’ve had my entire life. You know, hard work, self-reliance, individual responsibility. Good Midwestern values that we were raised with and that we believe in.”

“I feel so fortunate to have that kind of background and upbringing and I know that’s what many of you have experienced as well here in Ft. Wayne and across Indiana,” she added.

Obama: No More Debates Before May 6

the last debate proved that debates are useless media toys, designed to belittle and make a mockery of the presidential nomination process, make it like reality tv, not to mention, underestimate the intelligence of the voters.

i'm sure abc had more viewers and hits to its site than ever before, following abc's last sorry "debate," so i'm sure all the networks and cable tv are dying for another debate.

anyone who needs to know where obama stands on the issues can read his blueprint for change. hillary can debate herself.

cnn: Shortly after maintaining he isn't "ducking" debates, the Illinois senator admitted the two Democratic rivals are "not going to have debates between now and Indiana."

Voters in both Indiana and North Carolina will head to the polls May 6.

Obama's comments came in an interview with FOX News' Chris Wallace set to air Sunday. Wallace first asked Obama why he was ducking another one-on-one meeting.

"I'm not ducking one. We've had 21," Obama said. "We want to make sure we're talking to as many folks possible on the ground taking questions from voters."

The Billification of the Clinton Campaign

with pennsylvania's white working class a vote for hillary was a vote for bill.
wsj: Dubbed the "Billification" of Sen. Clinton's campaign by some insiders, Mr. Clinton has become something of a strategist-in-chief in recent weeks. He has been pushing for harder and sharper attacks on Sen. Obama. While she has jabbed her opponent over his "elitist" tone and controversial statements by his former pastor, Mr. Clinton delivers his own slams on the stump, calling Obama ads misleading.

The former president says he's in uncharted territory. "Being the spouse is more difficult than when I was the candidate," he says in a brief interview. "When you're running, you're out there driving every day. But when you're the spouse, you feel more protective. It's much harder."

Mr. Clinton has placed several of his own aides at headquarters, including his former lawyer and a bevy of strategists. Known as a bad loser, Mr. Clinton privately buttresses his wife's drive to push on, telling her, according to aides: "We're not quitters."

On his own daily message calls, advisers say, he implores: "We've got to take him on every time." At the Clintons' Washington, D.C., home recently, these people say, he reviewed possible TV spots and told ad makers to be more hard-hitting, faster and harsher.

Mr. Clinton also told the campaign to double the number of his daily appearances. "Look at this schedule -- you've got me down for four events," he said the week before Pennsylvania's primary, according to one operative. "Give me six, eight a day. Get me to the suburbs where I can make a difference."

The campaign, which added the events before her Tuesday victory, is continuing the same intense schedule as the race moves to North Carolina, which holds its primary May 6, and other remaining states. Mr. Clinton's appearances are designed to boost Sen. Clinton's appeal with working-class and so-called "Bubba" voters, older white men who are likely to sympathize with Democratic economic policies but supported Ronald Reagan and other Republicans. Mr. Clinton is also sending out fund-raising appeals, with strong results, two operatives say.

His role has come at a cost -- to morale among some campaign staff, relations inside the Democratic Party and with African-American leaders, and in the view of some, his own legacy. He has lost considerable credibility with many party leaders, who, as "superdelegates" to the party convention, will be crucial in determining who is the Democratic presidential nominee.

Despite his influence, Mr. Clinton isn't running the day-to-day campaign. Sen. Clinton recently added Geoff Garin, who hasn't been involved in previous Clinton campaigns, to take a lead role with her message and strategy. Her new campaign manager, Maggie Williams, has worked to ensure that Mr. Clinton's role is "managed" in an attempt to prevent costly remarks.

Obama Shoots Hoops at Marion High

his latest game in indiana.
obama challenged marion high school students in kokomo indiana to register voters. those who registered the most students got to play with obama.

Clintons Overplaying Their Hand

and getting deeper and deeper...
the clintons have been exploiting the race issue whenever it works for them, in ohio, in pennsylvania. bill just can't help himself. neither can hillary. it's a power thing.
nyt: The black leader, Representative James E. Clyburn, an undeclared superdelegate from South Carolina and the third-ranking Democrat in the House, said “black people are incensed over all of this,” referring to statements Mr. Clinton has made in the course of the heated race between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Black leaders widely criticized Mr. Clinton after he equated the eventual victory of Mr. Obama in the South Carolina primary in January to that of the Rev. Jesse Jackson in the 1988 primary, a parallel that many took as an effort to diminish Mr. Obama’s success in the campaign.

In a radio interview in Philadelphia on Monday, Mr. Clinton defended his remarks and said the Obama campaign had “played the race card on me” by making an issue of them.

In an interview with The New York Times late Thursday, Mr. Clyburn said Mr. Clinton’s conduct in this campaign had caused what might be an irreparable breach between Mr. Clinton and an African-American constituency that once revered him.

“When he was going through his impeachment problems, it was the black community that bellied up to the bar,” Mr. Clyburn said. “I think black folks feel strongly that this is a strange way for President Clinton to show his appreciation.”

Mr. Clyburn added that there appeared to be an almost unanimous view among African-Americans that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton were committed to doing everything they possibly could to damage Mr. Obama to a point that he could never win in the general election.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Obama's Chicago Headquarters with Katie Couric

Lesser Media Mischaracterize Wright

at, there are the clips of rev. jeremiah wright's interview that will be part of the bill moyers show on pbs.

wright is going to keep popping up, which is a good thing. the more people know, the less they will be afraid. it gives voters in north carolina and indiana and the remaining states an opportunity to expand their minds and learn that wright isn't as scary as those who are on the extreme end of the political spectrum are making him out to be. it's all part of the nasty game of old-fashioned politics, folks. you either play into it or you get informed and make up your own mind.

sure, there will be plenty of people who will automatically dismiss wright. but those are the kinds of people whose minds are impenetrable.

truthdigg also offers a link to the extended videos, that put his statements in context. for the truth about the unity church of christ, visit truth about trinity.

Obama Fundraising With the Democratic National Committee

obama is readying for the general election. the tide is turning hillary.
the page: After a series of discussions, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee have decided to file papers with the Federal Election Commission establishing a “joint fundraising agreement.” Under the law, such a committee can accept up to $28,500 from individuals, most of which would go to the DNC.

Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain has already formed such an alliance with the Republican National Committee. Their group — called Victory — was created in March after McCain clinched the GOP nomination and is headed by McCain adviser Carly Fiorina.

Sources say the DNC has also held talks with Hillary Clinton’s campaign about forming a separate vehicle with her, but that no deal has been struck.

The fact that the Obama campaign is moving forward and Clinton is not at this time reflects certain important realities: Obama’s team is more confident that he will win the nomination than is Clinton’s — and Obama’s campaign has the necessity and luxury of thinking about and planning for the general election to come.

As part of that preparation, the campaign is thinking about how to divide up roles and responsibilities between the campaign’s Chicago headquarters and the DNC in Washington.

A Hillraiser Superdelegate Defects To Obama

let it be over, the quicker the better. right on.
cnn: A “Hillraiser” – a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton – said Friday he had defected to Barack Obama’s campaign. The official announcement will be made next week.

Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon – who served as ambassador to Chile during the Clinton administration – had raised close to half a million dollars for Clinton’s campaign, reports Chuck Todd, who broke the story.

"We're just bleeding each other out," Guerra-Mondragon told the Washington Post. "Looking at it as coldly as I can, I just don't see how Senator Clinton can overcome Senator Obama with delegates and popular votes. I want this fight to be over, the quicker the better."

Superdelegates Will Back Obama

a politico writer says that the race isn't all that suspenseful because supers are ready to back obama, or so says an un-named leading house democrat. getting hillary to stop playing tom petty's "i won't back down" is proving to be a difficult task for the democrats.

check out the bolded sentence. pennsylvania and ohio were "closed" primaries meaning unless independents and republicans re-registered with the democratic party, they didn't vote.

here are the 3 reasons:
a) Hillary Rodham Clinton is such a polarizing figure that everyone who ever considered voting Republican in November, and even many who never did, will go to the polls to vote against her, thus jeopardizing Democrats down the ticket – i.e., themselves, or, for party leaders, the sizeable majorities they hope to gain in the House and the Senate in November.

(b) To take the nomination away from Obama when he is leading in the elected delegate count would deeply alienate the black base of the Democratic Party, and, in the words of one leading Democrat, “The superdelegates are not going to switch their votes and jeopardize the future of the Democratic Party for generations.” Such a move, he said, would also disillusion the new, mostly young, voters who have entered into politics for the first time because of Obama, and lose the votes of independents who could make the critical difference in November.

(c) Because the black vote can make the decisive difference in numerous congressional districts, discarding Obama could cost the Democrats numerous seats.

One Democratic leader told me, “If we overrule the elected delegates there would be mayhem.” Hillary Rodham Clinton’s claim that she has, or will have, won the popular vote does not impress them – both because of her dubious math and because, as another key Democrat says firmly, “The rules are that it’s the delegates, period.” (These views are closely aligned with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement earlier this year that the superdelegates should not overrule the votes of the elected delegates.)

Furthermore, the congressional Democratic leaders don’t draw the same conclusion from Pennsylvania and also earlier contests that many observers think they do: that Obama’s candidacy is fatally flawed because he has as yet been largely unable to win the votes of working class whites. They point out something that has been largely overlooked in all the talk – the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries were closed primaries, and, one key congressional Democrat says, “Yes, he doesn’t do really well with a big part of the Democratic base, but she doesn’t do well with independents, who will be critical to success in November.”

Obama Town Hall Wilson North Carolina

these are usually streamed at cnn.comBarack Obama in Wilson, NC
Join Barack Obama at a Town Hall in Wilson on Monday, April 28th.

Town Hall with Barack Obama
Beddingfield High School Gymnasium
4510 Old Stantonsburg Road
Wilson, NC 27893

Monday, April 28th
Doors Open: 4:00 p.m.
Program Begins: 6:00 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. However, space is limited and tickets are required. Admission is first-come, first-served for ticket-holders.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.

Obama's Upcoming Indiana Town Halls

these are typically streamed live on

Barack Obama in Marion,Indiana
Join Barack Obama at a Town Hall in Marion on Saturday, April 26th.

Town Hall with Barack Obama
Marion High School
Bill Green Athletic Arena
750 W. 26th Street
Marion, IN 46953

Saturday, April 26th, 2008
Doors Open: 8:30 a.m.
Program begins: 10:30 a.m.

The event is free and open to the public. However, seating is limited and tickets are required. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted. Please leave umbrellas in your car. They are not permitted inside the event.

Barack Obama in Anderson, IN
Join Barack Obama at a Town Hall in Anderson on Saturday, April 26th.

Town Hall with Barack Obama
Anderson High School
4610 South Madison Ave.
Anderson, IN 46016

Saturday, April 26th
Doors Open: 12:30 p.m.
Program Begins: 2:15 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. However, space is limited and tickets are required. Admission is first-come, first-served for ticket-holders.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted.

obama in kokomo indiana on the economy

Obama On Oil and Gas Prices

here's a link to his energy policy.
oil companies made $123 BILLION in profits last year. HELLOOOOOOOOOO!
obama offers short term steps but says there is no easy answer to energy crisis. a real solution will take long term investments in renewable energy.

Someone Like You For President

howard fineman at newsweek lays out ways that obama could fix his image:
I don't even know if you are a White Sox fan! You're always talking about the chatter in the "barber shops." Take us to the one you go to. We've all seen the movie, and it was a wonderfully endearing one.

here's another thing they think obama should change:

You should fire whoever allowed three guys in Abercrombie & Fitch shirts to stand behind you at your big post-Pennsylvania rally in Indiana. You don't need Abercrombie & Fitch—you need Smith & Wesson
good grief people. do we really want the next president to come to your town and behave like you? do we really need to know what baseball team a presidential candidate is for?

or do you want someone thoughtful, brilliant, who's ready to take on the challenge of not only cleaning up bush's mess but fundamentally changing the way things get done in washington, someone who might actually get something accomplished as president for a change? someone who has proven himself capable of rallying millions of people to a cause.

we got george bush because voters thought they could have a beer with george. he wouldn't have a beer with you! neither would hillary!

and please, all of you hillary supporters backing her because she's a woman, that is not a good enough reason to elect a president. hillary is just wrong, a game player, a divisive person. she didn't get to be a candidate on her own merits. she's here because of bill. pennsylvanians chose hillary because of bill. and when you vote for hillary you won't be getting a woman president, you'll be getting a clinton dynasty. it's time to come to terms with that.