Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama's Speeches: It's the Message

there has been so much analysis of obama's ability to "speechify." but contrary to critics and the clinton campaign's dismissal of obama's speechifying as hollow rhetoric, it's more than just words and it's more than the delivery of those words.

it's the message, sillies.

the message is simple, really. it says that he understands that we are working harder but still struggling. it says we will be a part of an obama administration. it says he will listen to us. it says he will be reasonable and be open to good ideas. it says he will be respectful of other cultures. it says it's possible for things to get better, that things can change. it says that he has a vision. it says that he cares and that we can trust him to work hard.

that's all. you just have to listen.

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