Friday, February 29, 2008

Obama On Abortion

moments ago, obama spoke to the hispanic community in brownsville, texas on immigration, abortion and other topics.
on the topic of abortion:

"i don't think there are many americans if any are pro abortion."

he said he recognizes abortion is a moral issue. "in the past, in our public discussions that has been lost."

"the main difference I have with some of my fellow christians is who makes that moral judgement?"

women should be making the decision as opposed to the government, he said. these are very difficult and painful decisions.

"i respect people who disagree," he said.

"where we can agree is to reduce abortion." we can do this by preventing teens from getting pregnant, encouraging adoption, instilling a "moral perspective," and the sacredness of the relationship between men and women.

taking the issue up as a "moral" issue as opposed to a religious issues is refreshing. why not a middle ground to actually work on solving the problem? a religious solution isn't the only answer. right now, pro and anti abortion sides are becoming more entrenched in their own views, meanwhile the problem escalates.