Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wisconsin Early Results Favor Obama

updates: obama wins wisconsin. live houston rally cnn now.

real clear politics lays out obama's lead.

delegate count

for those of us who can't wait....

Exit poll results begin trickling out of Wisconsin It's still very early to be predicting results out of the Wisconsin primary -- polls there don't close until 9 p.m CST -- but some preliminary exit poll results are already out. Remember that this is very early, and lots of things could change, but these early numbers look pretty positive for Barack Obama, who's been favored to take the state.

To be totally honest, the very first results we saw, which showed high turnout in demographics that typically favor Hillary Clinton -- women, whites and those without a college degree -- made us wonder for a moment if perhaps there might be a surprise in the offing. More detailed results seem to indicate the opposite, however, as Obama is winning in Clinton's key demographics.salon

obama winning over late deciders.

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