Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama's Substance

okay. quit it already on the lack of substance. geez. think of something else. it's old now. lighten up.
here is obama's blueprint for change, a 64 page document outlining his policies on a number of issues.
sign on to barackobama.com and there you will find a wealth of substance.

from the Wall Street Journal:
If you're willing to look, there's a substantial amount of substance behind that Obama style. For starters, explore the Obama campaign Web site, and you'll find the standard array of campaign-issue papers on the economy, health care, Iraq and foreign policy. And now, the Obama campaign managers are responding to Sen. Clinton's criticism by highlighting and, well, beefing up those position papers.

The latest example came last week, when Sen. Obama gave a speech in Wisconsin on his economic positions, accompanied by a six-page, single-spaced summary. The Obama plan, much of which had been presented previously, includes a universal mortgage-interest credit, a $500 middle-class tax credit and $150 billion in spending over 10 years on alternative-energy research and development. more

from samantha power, an obama iraq adviser: he knows the constitution, he taught the constitution. her words:

The idea that he doesn't have experience is nuts to me. He's a constitutional law professor. I happen to miss the Constitution; I thought it was a good document. That's a huge component of being a president when you're combating terrorism and you're trying to restore American values.

The fact that he used to work in the inner city, that's the dirt under his fingernails. If people are an abstraction to you, it's going to show. If you're living with people, if you're working in the inner city, you see the human stakes of it all. He's also lived abroad, so he's comfortable crossing boundaries.

historians like obama's substance
look at the way he's run his campaign. that's substance.

Roosevelt was called inexperienced.

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