Thursday, July 03, 2008

Obama: Yes We Can, McCain: Yes You Can

This is the perfect story highlighting the differences between Obama and McCain. I'm in the Yes We Can Court.

Is it John McCain's? His economic policies celebrate the individual, entrepreneurial, can-do spirit of such American myths as Horatio Alger, Thomas Edison and Sam Walton.

McCain wants government to get out of the way of the markets as much as possible. As the Founding Fathers put it, it's all about the pursuit of happiness.

Democrat Barack Obama focuses on the economy, while Republican John McCain seeks to separate himself from President Bush. Video courtesy of Reuters (June 10)Or is it Barack Obama's? He says America is the greatest country on earth because of what we accomplish together - harnessing the collective will to put a man on the moon, to fight for workers' rights, and to ensure that everyone has the opportunities that most other societies have reserved only for the rich.

Obama sees an active role for government in making sure that the outcomes aren't rigged. Or as another Founding Father said, "We must all hang together, or we will hang separately."
Or in a more modern vein: Obama says, "Yes, we can," while McCain says, "Yes, you can."