Thursday, July 24, 2008

Selling Obama Hate for Profit

Doron BraunShtein, owner of a small boutique in New York, apparently hates Obama so much -- he says he's bad for the Jews -- that he's made some awful t-shirts to sell in his store. 

I'll let you look at the video below and decide for yourself. The guy looks pretty happy with himself.

It's interesting that the folks who don't like Obama really hate him in a visceral manner. I understand the person who opposes his policies, the republican, who simply doesn't believe in Obama's stands on issues. I can respect that. But there are few of those kinds of people.

Mostly, the people who oppose Obama are nasty, accusatory and if I had to guess why, I'd say Obama draws out their deep-rooted bigotry. I also know that many Americans flat out hate Muslims and they keep insisting that Obama's a Muslim. 

Some Americans are so uneducated that they don't the difference between a terrorist and a Muslim. It's no wonder the world laughs at America's lack of knowledge about world affairs. And yes, we should care about what the world thinks because we all have to live here together without blowing each other up. 

These people would deny that they're bigoted of course, because they see it in another way, through their narrow world view. 

I don't like McCain much. I think he's all wrong for what America needs NOW. But I don't hate him. I wouldn't call his wife nasty names. I wouldn't accuse him of not being eligible to run for president because he was born in the Panama Canal. I wouldn't make up lies. I wouldn't photoshop posters of him with devil horns. I wouldn't insist he was the anti Christ. I wouldn't curse him or call him anything other than perhaps "silly" or "desperate." I don't even call him McLame or McSame. I have a certain amount of respect for the man. 

But these people who hate Obama are downright disgusting. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of people saying things on the Internet they would never say in a face to face conversation. These people must be rotting on the inside. Why don't they boost their candidate--  he could really use some help-- instead of spending so much time smearing Obama.

I've heard many people hated Martin Luther King Jr. and they also hated Robert F. Kennedy. I guess true leaders draw out the best in people and the worst. 

It was Martin Luther King who said "Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that." So, with that advice, it looks like the thing to do is ignore these folks because they know no better. 

I hope Manhattan folks put this guy out of business