Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama Connects the Dots on Global Visit

People still questioning, doubting. Obama's presumptious.
What the heck?
Obama explains that in order to be successful in Afghanistan and Iraq, we need to have allies in Europe. How America moves forward in the world is all related to how much we spend on the economy vs. war.
We are all connected -- and that's not cumbaya stuff. It's practical. If we have more allies, we'll reduce the chances of war and we'll keep our money at home.
Bush has neglected the economy because all our taxes are going to the war!
If Americans knew how much money was going to be spent on the war, perhaps they wouldn't have been so anxious to elect George Bush.
The average person having a tough time filling up their gas tank (that would be me and millions of other) ought to think about who they voted for?
The guy who wanted to dominate the world? The guy without a vision?
It's time for the U.S. to recognize its new role in the world and that will keep us safe and improve the economy.