Sunday, July 27, 2008

McCain Pal Attacks Obama

These are the kinds of people McCain hangs with. 

I guess I'm part of the "pack of goons" that McCain's military pal refers to. But I'd be happy to associate, if I could, with this pack of goons: Sen. Ted Kennedy, Warren Buffett, Sen. Jack Reed, Sen. Chuck Hagel. They don't seem to goony to me.
Politico: Joe Repya, the retired Lieutenant Colonel who attacked Obama on behalf of the McCain campaign in a statement, maintains a blog, where he has launched harsher, unedited riffs on a theme that McCain has made the centerpiece of his anti-Obama message: Obama is an inexperienced smooth-talker who cares more about politics than patriotism.

For example, on July 9, Repya wrote:

Is it any wonder that Barack Obama continues to look like the light wieght he is? How can American's seriously consider this fraud and his pack of goons as people competent to lead America at time of war? Please give me someone who actually knows what the US military is and is capable of doing. Not some illetist that wouldn't know and Army uniform from a Chicagop hotel doormans uniform.

This week we had another shameful Army captain spreading lies about Obama.

Mr. Repya can't spell either but I guess that's a "liberal" thing too. It seems that's all I hear these day. Having an open mind is liberal too. Bummer.