Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tim Kaine Speculation Gone Wild

I'm convinced: Obama Kaine 08
Announcement today? 
Kaine would be an asset in courting the Latino vote. Kaine speaks fluent Spanish. Obama plans to spend $20 million on ads and Spanish language voter registration targeted to Latinos:
Miami Herald: Barack Obama and the national Democratic Party on Tuesday rolled out what they called an ''unprecedented, historic'' campaign targeting Hispanics that will spend $20 million on voter registration and Spanish-language advertising.

The effort will span all 50 states but focus on swing states with large Hispanic populations, including Florida, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado.

Democrats said it's the earliest and most aggressive effort at wooing Hispanic voters by a presidential candidate, reflecting the increased clout of the fastest growing minority group. In comparison, they said both parties spent less than $9 million on Hispanic outreach in 2004.

''I've never seen this level of commitment, in terms of resources, in terms of staff, and this early in a campaign,'' Frank Sanchez, a Tampa business consultant who serves as national chairman of Obama's Hispanic Leadership Council, said at a news conference in Washington.

What Kaine says about Obama