Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McCain Like Bush Trying to Fool Americans

McCain doesn't have such a bad energy policy -- except he's for the oil companies and he's for nuclear power without figuring out the waste storage aspect of it -- BUT he doesn't seem like he's capable enough to carry out any policy. 

He doesn't seem to have that kind of vision. I've heard him mention solar and wind but not with any sincerity.

McCain is linking Obama to high gas prices, which is very funny when you think about it, and thinks this is an issue he can win based on polls. It's called pandering to those who don't know any better. At least he's off the "surge worked" thing cause that grew tiresome.

CBS: If you're looking for someone to blame for high gas prices, John McCain's campaign is happy to help.

In a television ad released by the campaign last week, "Pump," an announcer criticizes Barack Obama for "saying no" to offshore drilling and "independence from foreign oil."

"Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump?," she asks - after which a photo of Obama appears onscreen.

The spot has been derided by USA Today as "baloney" for laying the blame for high gas prices solely at Obama's feet, and Obama responded with an ad of his own in which an exasperated-sounding announcer suggests McCain blaming Obama for gas prices represents "the same old politics."

The McCain campaign has increasingly focused on gas prices and energy in recent days: In addition to two ads discussing the topic (here's the second one, released Wednesday), there have been conference calls to stress the short-term impact of McCain's proposals and a Monday photo op at a Bakersfield, California oil rig. There McCain sang the praises of expanded offshore drilling, which Obama opposes, and once again knocked Obama as "the Dr. No of America's energy future."

Republicans believe that the McCain campaign, which has been criticized for being overly reactive in its battle with Obama, has finally found an issue on which it can successfully go on the offensive.