Thursday, July 31, 2008

Military Computer Hacker McKinnon to Be Extradited to U.S.

Gary McKinnon, a British citizen, hacked into U.S. military computers to find information on alien energy technologies (that's alien as in visitors from another planet) that he thought the U.S. was withholding the information. 

The U.S. had been trying to extradite him and today  he lost his final appeal in Britain and will be extradited and could face 70 years in jail. 

His bad luck was that he hacked into about 90 military computers right about the time of 9-11. He also did it with ease, on a modem while smoking pot, and made a mockery of U.S. security. Hopefully, we've beefed up security since then.

From stuff that I've read, here's a person who could use mental help as opposed to 70 years in jail.  

There's even a FreeGary organization.

Too bad he didn't find any alien alternative energy technologies. We could use them right about now. 

But then again, if there were such a thing, it would compete with oil, so it would probably remain under wraps.