Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fritz Hollings Says McCain an Unhappy Camper

Seems the "Maverick" is being molded to become one of them.

The factions of the republican party are pulling him, stretching him, bending him. But that's the problem -- the republicans are splintered and they don't have a message, a platform. McCain has allowed himself to be manipulated from all sides. So much for leadership.

Former Senator Fritz Hollings and Bill Moyers had this exchange:
BILL MOYERS: And he used to be thought of as being an advocate of campaign finance reform.

FRITZ HOLLINGS: Exactly right. And he was an advocate against these tax cuts. But now they've taken the maverick McCain and trying to make him the Christian right and the money raiser and everything else like that. They're trying to make him an ordinary Republican. And you can tell he's ill at ease. He, John McCain is not happy campaigning right now. I can tell you that. He's-- the media loves him. He had a room up there by the commerce committee with donuts and coffee and all and the press wouldn't go to the press gallery. They'd go to McCain because they could get a statement out of him. And he was honest. He'd tell you how he felt. So, the press loves him and everything else. But they're disappointed in him now, because they're trying to change him over to qualify him as a Republican.

Did you check out McCain's new ad? Who is he appealing to? 18 year old boys? It's really immature and as others point out, the ad has Obama playing basketball with the troops in the background while it says Obama didn't visit the troops in Germany, so it's not just silly, it's stupid.