Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome Home Barack Obama

As Obama arrives back in America tonight, I'd like to say Thank You Sen. Obama and Welcome Home!

Thank you for renewing my hope that leaders can represent this nation well. That they can be brilliant and humble.

I am grateful you are home safe with your family.

I admire and respect all of the hard work that you've put into this campaign. I've never seen a politician work so hard. You've met every challenge with grace. You've made yourself vulnerable and you've taken giant risks. I know you are preparing for the tough road ahead.

You have inspired me to learn more about history and world politics.

There are exceptional people who come around every once in a while and change the landscape, and I firmly believe you are one of those people.

For that, I am going to ramp up my efforts to help you get elected by getting more people registered to vote.