Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tim Pawlenty Defends Palin on Meet the Press

Tim Pawlenty says Palin has more experience than Obama.

Brokaw countered him, defended Obama himself, but didn't let Pawlenty respond. Pawlenty gulped.

The Daily News-Miner in Alaska, which insults Obama (Alaska is very republican), says Palin is a neophyte next to Obama.

Pawlenty turned it back on Obama: What is it in his background that helps him in matters of security?

Palin has been running a large enterprise in Alaska, he said. Gulp. Brokaw then suggests that Pawlenty has a bigger job than hers in Alaska. He doesn't bite. I miss Tim Russert.

If it were me asking the questions, I would've hammered Pawlenty. Brokaw let him get off way too easy.

Pawlenty thinks Hillary's supporters are going to relate to her cool personality and choose McCain because of that. But he said the fact that she's a woman is not the reason McCain chose her. Huh? Pawlenty is nuts.

Brokaw asked about creationism, which Palin supports in schools. Pawlenty believes creationism is plausible and credible and says local boards should be able to decide whether to teach it.