Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On the Unity Bus

Well, after checking around, it looks like everyone liked Hillary's speech well enough, at least the democrats did, even the hardline sites like DailyKos. 

The republicans, however, are still trying to drive wedges- Hillary didn't say enough and what Hillary left out. (I noticed she didn't say she was a proud wife).

Republicans are working that Obama-Clinton divide as far as it will take them. They sure are good at dirty tricks, pandering and exploitation but they can't run the country very well. 

Hillary's speech was inspiring enough, so I'll take it and ride the unity bus until Bill decides to skip Obama's speech or something like that. 

Oh, I guess I won't even bother with that. The Clintons are in it to win it -- in 2012. That's a fact. I'm so done with the Clintons and the PUMAs. 

May they reach their catharsis moments. Everybody on the bus.