Monday, August 25, 2008

Mark Penn Dotes on Clintonism

I've heard all the Kool-Aid jokes about Obama supporters but what's this guy been drinking?

The folks at Politico must have died laughing when they read this gem.

Mark Penn, Hillary's former adviser, wrote all about Clintonism, how Clintonism is marvelous and how we're all yearning for Clintonism and how Clintonism will not die.

Then on page 2, near the very end of the screed, Penn mentions that Obama will usher in Clintonism once more. Ick.

Maybe some of things he says about Clinton (Bill) are true but to write them at this moment in time, the day of the democratic convention, is a desperate attempt to hold on.

These people are very afraid of being dis-empowered. They are very threatened by Obama. I imagine this is a good thing.

They. Just. Can't. Let. Go. Kitchen sink to the end. No grace.

I'm wondering if there will come a day when this election won't be about Clintonism anymore.

Here's the end of the story but you should read the whole thing so you too can find yourself in utter amazement.
Politico: In the next few days, both Clintons will offer their unbridled support for Barack Obama — and genuinely so. And then Obama will have the opportunity to define before the public the direction he will take the country if elected.
I believe Obama will spell out some very dramatic changes in direction from Bush, but he is also likely to suggest a policy framework that is very similar to what the Clintons would suggest as the way to bring the country back — open the doors of opportunity and equality and restore our global leadership while shutting down the cultural wars of the past. And it is this unity of direction that brings all Democrats together.