Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin a Strategic Decision

No one knows anything about Sarah Palin, not even McCain

Who's McCain trying to kid and what's he trying to pull? I smell a rat.
Politico: John McCain on Friday announced a running mate whom he met only six months ago and with whom he spoke just once on the phone about the position before offering it in person earlier this week.

McCain’s first encounter with Sarah Palin came at a Washington meeting of the National Governors Association in February, according to a campaign-provided reconstruction of how the little-known Alaska governor was thrust into the national spotlight. The two discussed the position by phone on Sunday before McCain invited Palin and her husband to Arizona to formally make the offer. McCain, joined by his wife, Cindy, did just that Thursday morning at their home near Sedona, Ariz.
It seems Alaskans are easily impressed. 
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