Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alabama Kicks Off Nomination Casts 48 Votes for Obama

Read the rules here.
Alabama = 48 votes for Obama; 5 for HRC
Alaska = 15 votes for Obama; 3 for HRC
American Samoa = all 9 votes for Obama; pays tribute to Hawaii for nurturing Obama
Arizona = 40 votes Obama; 27 votes HRC
Arkansas = 47 Obama.
California = passes?
Colorado = 55 for Obama; 15 for HRC
Connecticut = 38 Obama; 21 HRC
Delaware = All 23 votes to Obama. Go Delaware! The first state to cast all votes for Obama.
Dems abroad = 8.5 Obama; 2.5 HRC
District of Columbia= 33 for the co-sponsor of the DC voting rights act Obama; 7 for HRC.
Florida = one vote for one person and we have cast 166 for Obama; 51 HRC, 1 abstention.
Georgia = birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 82 for Obama; 18 for HRC.
(They all have to say something good about their states before they speak)
Guam = 4 Obama; 3 HRC
Hawaii = 26 for Obama, our native son; 1 HRC
Idaho = Gave Obama his largest winning margin in the primary 20 for Obama; 3 votes HRC
Illinois = passes
Indiana = Home of Sen. Evan Bayh 75 Obama; 6 HRC.
Iowa = I (a soldier in his combat boots) represent the great state of Iowa where it all started with Barack Obama. 48 for Obama; 9 HRC.
Kansas = birthplace of grandparents of Obama and home of Obama's momma, Kathleen Sebelius 34 for Obama; 6 for HRC.
Kentucky = we're working to turn the bluegrass blue. 36 for Obama; 24 for HRC.
Louisiana = home of gumbo and shrimp in recovery from Katrina 43 Obama; 7 HRC.
Maine = as Maine goes so does the nation (I didn't know that) 24 Obama; 8 HRC.
Maryland = 94 Obama; 6 HRC
Massachussets = Home of Sen. Ted Kennedy, Boston Red Sox, and the rest of those sporting teams. They are proud. First in equality of marriage in U.S. 65 Obama; 52 HRC.
Michigan = 125 Obama; 27 HRC.
Minnesota = 78 Obama; 8 HRC.
Yes we can chants
Mississippi = 33 Obama; 8 HRC.
Missouri = Home of Claire McCaskill, the belwhether state 82 Obama; 6 HRC.
Montana = first woman majority leader in Montana and a cattle rancher announced 18 for Obama; 7 HRC. They soaked up their moment.
Nebraska = 28 Obama; 3 HRC.
Nevada = 25 Obama; 8 HRC. Home to Harry Reid. Obama has a vision for the West and keeping nuclear waste out of Yucca Mtn.
More Yes we can chants.
New Hampshire = unity is more than just a town. We answer Hillary's call to unite and casts all 30 votes for Obama.
New Jersey = Home of the Giants, Bon Jovi, all 127 votes for Obama.
New Mexico = home to 22 native American tribes, red and green chiles, Bill Richardson, yields to Illinois, hometown of Obama, which now casts its vote after passing earlier, yields to NY.
What's all this yielding stuff?
New York = Hillary's home, Hillary arrives and declares Obama president (oops, the presidential nominee). Moves to suspend the roll call. I move Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois be selected as the nominee.
Is there a second?
All in favor please say aye. Big aye.
Love train is playing. Alas, Obama is the official nominee!