Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Continued Undermining of Obama

Call me a cynic and maybe I shouldn't even be pointing it out, but the undermining goes on. Now the narrative is Hillary's speech was so good that now voters must wonder why Obama didn't choose Hillary as his vice president. 

This NY Post writer gives a biased review of the primaries. The one thing that many Hillary supporters failed to understand was that she could never catch up in delegates no matter how many big states she won. She had the wrong strategy and a dysfunctional one by all accounts. Not only that, she dug into Obama's character-- attacking a fellow democrat. To Hillary supporters, Obama was an unqualified black man who used his race to get ahead. That's it in a nutshell.

Hillary said she wasn't sure if Obama was a terrorist Muslim. She exploited the "white working class" voters, giving them politically correct reasons not to vote for Obama. She hired a pollster to pit blacks against Latinos. But all of this was turned around as Obama playing the race card. It was genius and it worked.

Not once did the Obama camp bring up the fact that Bill Clinton sullied the office of the presidency with his stupidity. He dragged the whole country down as the republicans publicly and endlessly flogged him. The backlash set the table for Bush to take office.

NY Post: WHY is Hillary Clinton not Barack Obama's running mate?
That question had to be on many minds last night as Clinton delivered a rousing endorsement of Obama - a speech that moved between inspiration and attack, hitting every note perfectly.
The Clintons have proved that they still rule the democratic party. This twisted election is about the Clintons and it's always been about the Clintons. It's always been about how Hillary was slighted and her poor, poor supporters. In her defeat, she's stolen every Obama moment for herself. She's proven to be the superior politician. Much of politics is so shallow. 

But what we need is someone who can actually lead and govern.