Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Sarah Palin Former Ms. Alaska Runner Up

John McCain picks a token woman, Alaska governor Sarah Palin. She was a mayor just three years ago and was elected governor in 2006. Is she ready to be Commander in Chief? They've been hammering Obama, after all. 

Celebrity? She was former Miss Alaska runner up. 

Does this mean they're pretty sure they're going to lose so they're rolling the dice? Does McCain really think there are enough PUMAs? 


She's a drill here, drill now proponent. Here's her letter to Sen. Harry Reid, pushing for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

I'll need to look into Palin's biography. 
Here's a blogger who's been an advocate for Palin. Here's her post on how to beat Joe.
The reasoning:
1) A energetic, young, fresh face who will energize the electorate
2) Not connected to the current administration
3) Pro-Life
4) Pro-Gun
5) A woman or minority to counter Hillary or Obama and put to rest the idea that America only elects white males

One of the first names I found that fit these qualifications was that of Sarah Palin, the recently elected Governor of Alaska. I knew that I had stumbled upon a fantastic candidate for national office, but I kept looking in the hope that I could find other potentially viable choices. However, after looking at every GOP governor, senator, and congressperson, I found that Palin had only become more appealing.
Here's more:
She eats moose burgers and rides snowmobiles and is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. Most important of all, the residents of Alaska believe in her ability to lead. Palin has a bright future and is young enough to be able to set her sights as high as she likes. We’ll be watching this woman and will be anticipating even greater things in her future.

Frankly, I'm just glad it's not Mitt Romney.