Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Fine Moment in Denver: Roll Call

I have to say, yesterday's roll call was exciting because it was symbolic and gracious and energizing. 

When they got to New Mexico, the delegates "yielded" to Illinois, and I didn't know exactly what that meant but then Illinois yielded to New York and in walks Hillary, circled by a horde of photographers.

Then Hillary moved to nominate Obama and that was moving. Rival nominates rival. It signified the end of any divisions. It couldn't have been done any better. On this blog, no more PUMAs, no more NoBamas, no more drama between Hillary and Obama camps. We're moving ahead.
Salon: For all the stories about the dysfunctional tensions between the Clinton and Obama camps in the last two weeks, it's worth singling out what may remain the best moment of this convention, even after Barack Obama blows everyone away at Invesco Field Thursday night. And that was Wednesday's roll call vote. It was handled with an incredible dignity and sweetness that went a long way to redeeming the bitter feelings on both sides. It even had a tiny bit of suspense, not about the outcome, but exactly how it would end.

And when Illinois yielded to New York, and Hillary Clinton, speaking from the floor, in the heart of her delegation, moved to nominate Barack Obama by acclamation, well, that was catharsis. Sometimes catharsis is angry, sometimes it's quiet and calm; wholeness is restored. The entire roll-call process was a healing ritual handled by both sides with kindness and even tenderness, which you rarely see in politics.

Here is the moment