Thursday, July 10, 2008

Karl Rove Above the Law

Rove was a no show, according to NPR. He was supposed to show up at the House Judiciary Committee to talk about all those attorney firings. The White House says he doesn't have to because he's a Bush confidant. 
HuffPo: Karl Rove ain't coming. And he ain't talking. Except on Fox News.

Despite being subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee to testify on his role in politicizing the Justice Department -- and in using the Department to selectively prosecute Democratic officials -- the erstwhile Boy Genius has announced that he won't be showing up at tomorrow's scheduled hearing.

He claims that the president's assertion of executive privilege "obligates" him to disregard the Congressional order.

He's still slamming Obama, though. In this WSJ column, he pats himself on the back. He brought us the Incompetent One:
The Obama campaign is trying to catch up with the GOP's "microtargeting" program, which uses powerful analytical tools and extensive household consumer information to focus on prospects for conversion and extra turnout help. Another Obama adaptation of a 2004 Bush campaign technique is a stepped-up, rapid response effort. Charges do not go unanswered, the campaign stays relentlessly on the offense, using every channel of communication.

The Obama campaign has also copied the Bush strategy of broadening the general election map. In 2000, the Bush effort targeted not just the traditional battlegrounds, but also West Virginia (last won by the GOP in an open race for the presidency in 1928), Tennessee (Al Gore's home), Arkansas (Bill Clinton's home), Washington and Oregon.