Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dems Up 700,000 Rep Down 1 Million

Sweet. Take a look at the electoral map. 
Obama= 292 electoral votes
McCain= 219 electoral votes
There are 27 ties. Add 219 to 27, assuming McCain wins the ties (North Dakota, Missouri, Virginia) and you get 246. Still not a win.
Things can change, of course. But the map has come a long way since I last checked.
RCP: In the 29 states (plus the District of Columbia) where voter affiliation is kept by party, the Democrats have scored perceptible gains since the presidential election of 2004 while the Republicans have suffered significant losses. To be specific, the number of registered Democrats in party registration states has grown by nearly 700,000 since President George W. Bush was reelected in November 2004, while the total of registered Republicans has declined by almost 1 million.

More good news:
Two states stand out: Iowa and Nevada. In Iowa, Bush won by 10,000 votes and the Democrats have netted 95,000 new voters. In Nevada, Bush won by 22,000 votes and the Democrats have picked up 60,000 new voters. These numbers alone suggest that the Democrats have a good shot at picking up Iowa (7 electoral votes) and Nevada (5 electoral votes). If Obama gets these plus the Kerry states, he has 264 electoral votes, 6 shy of the 270 he needs. If McCain holds all the Bush states except Iowa and Nevada, he wins, but he can't afford to lose another swing state. If he loses New Mexico, too, the electoral college will be tied at 269-269 and the new House picks the President, with each state having one vote.

Here's more state by state polls