Friday, October 12, 2012

Obama Administration's Sanctions on Iran

Romney has zero foreign policy cred. He's hired Bush-Cheney's foreign policy people to be his advisers. He messed up some simple foreign policy for his own self interest. 
He claimed the Palestinians aren't interested in peace. Where does that leave the peace process?
Colin Powell doesn't think much of Mitt's foreign policy. Obama's been very strong on foreign policy. No rational person can deny that. I enjoy not being fear mongered. Romney Ryan want to bring us back to the times where everyone is our enemy, and we're constantly told the world is a dangerous place, in need military rule, as opposed to civilian rule. We've moved on. Our military needs to defend us against attacks. Our nation needs to be an example of democracy.
Read about the sanctions on Iran and the toll they're taking. Obama signed Iran sanctions in December. More in February Obama's intent in regards to Iran is clear.

As to Ryan's claims on Benghazi security requests, the State department went to Congress with the request for Tripoli, not Benghazi. 
Furthermore, Obama doesn't control the world. The US can't control the world. Things are going to happen.