Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Video: Romney Trashes Palestinians

Note to media, these aren't gaffes (who are the 47%?)This is what Romney believes. He lives in such a bubble place that he can't see how awful he's being. These videos prove to me that Mitt isn't a deep thinker. In fact, he seems to have a lot in common with Sarah Palin, when it comes to foreign policy. Romney has outsourced US foreign policy to Sheldon Adelson and Netanyahu. He dismisses the two-state peace plan.
More offensive videos are at Mother Jones. Mother Jones has also listed the people who paid to hear Romney bash Americans. MJ will release the rest of the video today at 2:30 pm ET. Meanwhile, Romney is going to get on TV again today at 4 pm. Being the coward that he is, he's going to be on Fox News. I've posted full video of Romney's fundraiser foolishness below.

Romney describes what he'd do if he was Iran. Romney is clearly an arse, clearly unfit to be president. He doesn't have a presidential bone in him.

Full video of Romney's fundraiser: