Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Romney Backs Mourdock in Ad

To me Mourdock's comments aren't political but an example of how religion is abused. By saying that god intended for the pregnancy to happen through rape, says that god is okay with rape. Why didn't god just stop the rape? Why would god want a baby born through rape? I guess that's what makes belief in god, faith, because it's illogical. Where's the concern for the woman who is actually alive? Did god intend for her to get raped to get pregnant? Why do republicans care so much for cells that aren't yet born, but not the born or for the people who might care for the unborn? Republicans never talk about the trauma of the raped woman or the trauma of the abused child. They never talk about strengthening the adoption system or the foster care system. I would believe they truly cared about the unborn if they actually cared about the people who were alive, the ones who would take care of the unborn.

Full video:

Even though Romney has disavowed Mourdoch's comments today, don't be fooled. Mourdock is a representation of the modern GOP. The real Romney is the inauthentic Romney. He will say whatever he needs to say. It's a strategy. Which Mitt would show up as president? You'd have to follow the money and examine the GOP.

Just for fun, here's more from the modern republican: