Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate Video Oct. 11

Update Oct. 12: The debate had 51 million viewers.
Update: Obama called Joe and told him — twice — that he couldn't be prouder, via CBS's Mark Knoller.

Transcript of the debate.
Reactions from the campaign.
Obama watching the debate.

Joe did awesome. That is all. He had Obama's back. He had our back. Martha Raddatz was a great moderator. She kept them both grounded, close to the issues. She humanized the questions. Her name is now being circulated on twitter to be the new MTP moderator. I'm for that. In full:

Liza Bean. I like Ryan's story about his daughter. I really wish we could all discuss abortion without a political context. I liked how Martha asked the question, as if we should be able to talk about it rationally. I liked Biden's response, that he personally agrees with the Catholic Church on abortion, that life begins at conception, but he doesn't want to force his beliefs on others.