Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romney's Foolish and Incompetent Response on Attack on Benghazi

As Americans are killed, Romney attacks the president. Tactless, classless, desperate, unpatriotic and most of all, ignorant. Obama is our president and this is no time for politics, especially stupid politics. Who's advising Romney on foreign policy? A bunch of war mongers. If Mitt becomes president we'll be in another war before we know what hit us. The media seems to be dismissing Sheldon Adelson, but he has spent too much money on Mitt to not get something in return. Adelson's desire appears to be an attack on Iran. Romney really blew it with his response on the attack on the US consulate in Libya.

Romney's full press conference in attempt to cover his ass today. Stuff Romney got wrong during his fluster bluster:

Romney's foreign policy advisors are neoconservatives. Neocons = war. It's as simple as that.

Dan Senor is one of Romney’s closest advisers on foreign policy. Since Paul Ryan has been selected as the GOP’s vice presidential candidate, Senor has been traveling with Ryan–but today, he left the trail because of the “foreign policy developments” and is in Boston and NYC.

Senor is the former spokesman for the American government in Iraq (the Coalition Provisional Authority at the beginning of the Iraq war under George W. Bush) and is a particularly close adviser to Romney on the Middle East. (He has traveled with Romney to Israel three times, as well as written a book on Israel that Romney often cites). With Ryan, he consults on domestic and foreign policy issues.

Last month, the New York Times described Senor as an “advocate of neoconservative thinking that has sought to push presidents to the right for years on Middle East policy.” Senor led a foreign policy briefing for Ryan on the plane yesterday from Seattle along with Jamie Fly, executive director, Foreign Policy Initiative and Reuel Marc Gerecht from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Romney keeps a large group of foreign-policy advisers, eight of whom participated in the early neoconservative group Project for a New American Century think tank, founded in 1997 and headed by William Kristol, the Nation’s Ari Berman reported in May. ABC 
Romney's just not cut out to be president:
On the basis of the past 18 hours, I will now say that I also strongly prefer the Democratic presidential candidate to the Republican on temperamental grounds. Mitt Romney's response to the murder of American diplomats in Libya was his "3 a.m. phone call" moment, and what it revealed was not good.

The 3 a.m. phone call is shorthand for the unforeseen emergency that requires both a quick reaction and the beginning of longer second- and third-stage responses. Often the most important immediate decision is not to react immediately. There are times when every minute counts, but not usually. The first impulse, the first wave of fragmentary information, the first set of available options -- these often turn out to be misleading. The Atlantic
From the Washington Post:
Romney’s comments were, to be sure, unusually noxious and indecent. But this is also what happens when campaigns get desperate. Like a gambler who’s already lost too much, they begin taking risks in the hope of making it all back. And then, more often than not, they pay the price. WaPo
Since Romney's sympathies seem to lie with Sheldon Adelson and the rightwing government of Israel, I'm beginning to think Romney dislikes Muslims.

President Obama’s statement of outrage and his vow to bring the killers to justice received bipartisan support, including from politicians otherwise committed to partisan warfare, including House speaker John Boehner and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, who rarely misses a chance to attack Mr. Obama.

But not from Mitt Romney, who wants Americans to believe he can be president, but showed an extraordinary lack of presidential character by using the murders of the Americans in Libya as an excuse not just to attack Mr. Obama, but to do so in a way that suggested either a dangerous ignorance of the facts or an equally dangerous willingness to twist them to his narrow partisan aims.

Mr. Romney could easily have held his fire during this crisis, if he could not summon the decency to support the United States government. Instead, he misrepresented the administration as showing “sympathy” to the mob in Benghazi. NYT

Romney's big fail via Slate.

Even Peggy Noonan, as repulsive as she is, said Mitt looked weak today.

Romney's response could signal end for Romney.