Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Return of Bush Cheney Manipulation Through Fear Mongering

Do we really want to hear how dangerous the world is? Do we want to return to Bush-Cheney foreign policy, where terrorists are elevated to status of Supreme Enemy, which only serves to strengthen terrorist groups. It's basic psychology. Also, fear mongering is a basic manipulation technique. We don't need to be terrorized by our leaders into being fearful.
At a rally outside a conveyor company in this hotly-contested state, GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan on Tuesday afternoon took aim at President Obama on foreign affairs, telling a crowd of several hundred that the recent unrest in the Middle East represents “the absolute unraveling of the Obama foreign policy” and reminding them that the United States remains “at war” with terrorists.

“What we are witnessing is the projection of weakness,” Ryan said at a rally on a grassy hill near the large building that houses Automated Conveyor Systems. “And that projection of weakness emboldens our adversaries and scares our allies. You see, if we look weak, our adversaries are more willing and more brazen to test us, and our allies are less willing to trust us. It’s a dangerous world. We are at war with terrorists. Let’s not forget that.” WaPo