Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama and Romney's Final Debate Video Oct. 22

Update 10-23: Here's something I didn't expect but should have, conservatives are making the case for horses and bayonets today.

Update 10-23: Some reviews on the debate. LA Times and NYT

I was shocked at how many times Mitt said peace and peaceful. Mitt took a liberal to moderate stance on foreign policy, which is quite a shift. He didn't come across as a war monger. But Obama expected it and called him out on it. One of the best points made was when Obama said we don't use horses and bayonets anymore, meaning hardware doesn't equal strength. In regard to the auto bailout, read Romney's op-ed for yourself.

This was the best debate of all, a very good discussion. At the end, during the handshake, Obama and Romney didn't look like they hated each other. They must've made some amends at the Alfred E. Smith dinner.

In full:

This was most surprising, the first sign that Mitt was tacking left:

Judging from the body language of Mitt, Tagg, Michelle and Obama, I'd say this is Tagg apologizing to Obama for saying he wanted to take a swing at him.