Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Frontline: The Choice 2012

Fascinating look at Mitt (much of the Obama info is already known). Mormonism plays a HUGE and integral role in his life, and yet the press never asks him about it. The press ripped Obama about his faith in 2008.
Mitt may even be trying to create a "kingdom on earth" through the presidency, according to a Mormon scholar.
Bain was nothing more than a money machine. It had nothing to do with creating jobs. Mitt saw himself as a "white knight."
Romneycare's purpose wasn't to help people get access to healthcare. It was for his own selfish reasons. Mitt used Romneycare to help grease his way to the presidency. He considered it his "legacy" legislation.  While Mitt was governor, he issued 800 vetoes, most of which were overridden by the Legislature.

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