Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Violent Threats Made Against Democrats

Norah O'Donnell reports that 10 members of Congress have asked for extra security. Sarah Palin is using gun imagery to target 20 democrats.
I think the problem we have is tea party types are now blaming government and "the other" (anyone not like them) for their own shortcomings and faults. Tea partiers down on their luck because of the economy are griping instead of lifting themselves up by the bootstraps. Isn't that what they profess? It's a lot easier to blame someone else, but in an economic downturn, these people feel even more slighted. Everyone is having a hard time. But tea party types consider themselves innocent bystanders being unfairly punished. They've found a new target--the government. Why? In part, because Obama is president and to them, he clearly represents "the other." But blaming others is not new for them. They have been scapegoating for years and years, blaming Hispanics and others for taking "their" jobs. Now the scapegoating is more pronounced. Light a match to tea partiers' economic despair--republicans egging them on, cultivating a culture of hate, Sarah Palin suggesting a reload-- and what do you get? You get violence just waiting to happen.
Andrea Mitchell:

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Michael Steele suggests people should ready Nancy Pelosi for the "firing line." He knows what he's doing. He's appealing to a certain kind of person.