Sunday, March 21, 2010

House Passes Senate Healthcare Bill Video

Obama watching healthcare pass

Nancy Pelosi used the Dingell Medicare gavel and made her final speech before healthcare passage tonight. It was all brilliant. Obama to Pelosi per Gibbs tweet:
President in Oval for congratulations calls...first up Speaker Pelosi...tells her "You've done what no other Speaker has done"
Final vote: 219-212. All republicans voted against it, including 34 democrats (SEE THE LIST HERE). We will be taking note of the dems, for sure.
There are two more votes tonight, the last is the reconciliation vote, which just passed. The reconciliation bill now goes to the Senate for passage sometime next week. Harry Reid says he has the votes--51 needed. Obama will sign the first bill, but NOT tonight. I don't know why. Other good news, student loan reform is expected to pass as part of the healthcare bill.

Nancy Pelosi:

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