Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Party Doesn't Even Know What's in the Bill Video

Tea partiers call everyone else sheep but they repeat things they've been told--"government takeover," rationing, socialized medicine and such--absolutely clueless to what they're talking about. One woman talks about purple Kool-Aid. Hello, look in the mirror. Another disrobes to show off Glenn Beck's "principles" written on the back of her shirt.
I'll repeat, this is about the fact that we have a black president. It's deep rooted racism, a fear of a loss of white power. These people feel like people with color--any person who isn't white--are making good off their backs. They feel as though THEY are the hardworking souls of America and everyone else is sucking them dry. It's scapegoating. These folks are delusional and ignorant. Here's another thing that bothers me, I learned that wearing the American flag was disrespectful, but these folks seem to think that cloaking themselves in the flag makes them better than everyone else.
But you know what, it doesn't really matter anymore what these small-minded people think, because healthcare is set to pass. Vote is expected tonight sometime after 9 pm eastern. Live stream here.

David Frum says this could be republican waterloo: