Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Letterman Interviews Idaho's Tea Party President

At first, Pam Stout starts off as a sweet, soft-spoken British-born woman, not the raving mad variety of tea partier. But giver her a minute. First, her choice of Jim DeMint (who she calls her hero) as a presidential candidate pretty much says it all.

Part 2. I agree with her on the fact that many people demonize business. Businesses are started by people and businesses are made up of people. But business needs to be regulated because as we've seen, left on their own, they will do whatever maximizes profits. That's their job, though there is a trend toward more socially responsible business.
Alas, Stout's facade falls. Stout says that Obama spent a lot of money to cover up documentation of his school records (no evidence of that), and though many tea partiers believe that Obama wasn't born in the U.S., she's okay with that. She said that's irrelevant. BINGO. Woman is a hater, not a fiscal conservative. FAIL. LOSE. GAME OVER.

Part 3. Game really over. Stout says Glenn Beck made her think.