Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Republican Sourpussing Goes On and On and On and On and On and On

Republicans are a mess. They don't see that they're spinning their wheels because it's their tactics, their fear mongering that no one--other than tea partiers--like. They're an example of how NOT to behave when you lose. They're in the toilet. I feel sorry for anyone just now trying to figure out what's going on in healthcare. The republicans made it sound as though the whole bill was going to pass through reconciliation. What? Healthcare passed? Oh, it's just a few amendments that will go through reconciliation. What? No more refusal of coverage for preexisting conditions? What? There are actually benefits to health reform? What, no Armageddon?
Check out their attempts to muddy up the reconciliation bill now in the Senate. Ugly Losers:
Democrats won their health-care victory ugly, after a yearlong, fractious, uninspiring process filled with rancid deals and worse compromises, redeemed only by the moment when they actually delivered reform to the country.

Republicans lost even uglier, not so much in opposition as in sullen, lockstep refusal to consider any reforms, even ones they were previously for, like cutting waste and fraud from Medicare.

Which would you rather brandish at a town hall meeting? A vote to contain the insurance companies, or a vote to let them have their way? Read more at Bloomberg
Just turned Catholic Newt Gingrich pushes the republican No Agenda:

Mike Pence: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Blah, blah, blah, blah