Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tea Partiers Won't Vote for John McCain for One Reason Alone

In Searchlight, the tea partiers call themselves the "world's premier human rights movement," and that all the talk of racial slurs is "a crock." What? It's all on video. All of it. The hate signs, the slurs. Human rights movement? Maybe human waste movement.
The fact is Sarah Palin is wasting her time propping up McCain and she's ruining her tea party cred. Tea partiers won't vote for McCain for one reason: immigration. He's long been in favor of immigration reform, and tea partiers hate immigrants. They blame immigrants for all of their woes like they're now blaming government. They believe that government is boosting the lives of immigrants and minorities, leaving all the white folks behind.
Tea partiers didn't come to Searchlight to stand in the windy, dusty desert to see McCain. They came to see Sarah Palin. Let's face it. She's pretty and she's angry--tea party turn ons.