Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama Signs Health Bill March 23 Live Stream

Obama will sign the health bill in a ceremony in the East Room at 11:15 am eastern. At 12:05, Obama will remark on the health insurance at the Department of the Interior. You can watch both here. WhiteHouse.gov and CBSnews.com will also have live streams.

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In attendance at the signing via Politico:
Vice President Biden, Vicki Kennedy, Connie Anderson, Ryan Smith, Marcelas Owens, Secretary Sebelius, Senator Reid, Senator Durbin, Senator Baucus, Senator Harkin, Senator Dodd, Speaker Pelosi, Representative Hoyer, Representative Clyburn, Representative George Miller, Representative Waxman, Representative Levin, Representative Dingell. Other members of Congress who supported the bill also will be there.