Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Obamas Host Flexibility in the Workplace March 31

Obama's signature on healthcare bill. My best guess is the signature looks choppy because he used 22 pens to write it. The pens were given as souvenirs

Update March 31: See Obama's closing remarks at the workplace forum here.

From the White House:
The Obama Administration announced plans today to hold a Forum on Workplace Flexibility on March 31st at the White House. The President and First Lady will discuss the importance of creating workplace practices that allow America’s working men and women to meet the demands of their jobs without sacrificing the needs of their families.

The forum will be an opportunity for labor leaders, CEOs, small business owners, and policy experts to share their ideas and strategies for making the workplace more flexible for American workers and families.

"Millions of women and men across the country struggle to balance the demands of their jobs and the needs of their families. Too often, caring for a child or an aging parent can strain a career-- sometimes to the point of job loss,” said President Obama. “As the parents of two young girls, Michelle and I understand the challenges America’s working families face and we are looking forward to hearing from moms, dads, business leaders, advocates and experts about their ideas for creating and encouraging flexible workplaces, so that working Americans do not have to choose between their careers and meeting the needs of their families.”

Press coverage and additional details for the Forum on Workplace Flexibility will be announced in the coming days.