Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Tea Party Groups Condemning Violence

Some tea partiers are stepping up. FreedomWorks is Dick Armey's group, which has been shunning what Karl Rove calls "unsophisticated" tea partiers. It should be noted that tea partiers are shunning Dick Armey.
The organizers of some major Florida tea party groups, for instance, on Thursday morning released an open letter to Congress and President Barack Obama declaring they “stand in stark opposition to any person using derogatory characterizations, threats of violence, or disparaging terms toward members of Congress or the President.”

The letter calls the tea parties “a peaceful movement” and says its leaders denounce “all forms of violence” and “support all efforts to bring [any perpetrators] to justice and have encouraged full cooperation within our movement and have asked for the same from the members of Congress who have laid such claims.”

The letter is signed by leaders of two statewide tea party coalitions, the state chapter of the Washington-based FreedomWorks and local and regional tea party groups in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Deerfield Beach and Viera, among others. Read more at Politico.
A more toned down John Boehner: