Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Will The Lady in the Pantsuit Sing Soon?

hillary has new ads out and she's in montana campaigning. she's showing no signs of singing. but apparently, there's going to be a superdelegate surge:
abc: The Democratic primary war will end within days of next week's final primary votes when "several dozen" superdelegates will end their silence and endorse Sen. Barack Obama, ABC's chief political correspondent George Stephanopoulos reported Tuesday.

When asked by "Good Morning America" what the chances are of Sen. Hillary Clinton continuing her fight for the nomination into the Democrats' August convention, Stephanopoulos replied, "Zero."

"There's so many superdelegates out there who agreed with what Jimmy Carter said," Stephanopoulos said. Former President Carter said last week that once the voting was over he felt that "at that point it will be time for her to give it up."

"Once these contests are done, you'll see several dozen superdelegates go his [Obama's] way following June 3," Stephanopoulos said.

That surge of support will be enough to put Obama's delegate count over the top and allow him to claim the nomination, he said.