Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama Has to Explain His Name to Jewish Voters

really, i am stunned by this. it seems many jewish people are leery of obama because of his color and his name. i thought jewish people were enlightened as a people.
If my policies are wrong, vote against me because my policies are wrong,” Mr. Obama told several hundred people gathered inside the synagogue, B’nai Torah Congregation. “Don’t vote against me because of who I am.”

First, he fielded questions about his name, which he acknowledged is probably at the root of false rumors about his being Muslim. He is a Christian, he said, and gently told one man, “People shouldn’t worry about my name.”
if there's one thing i've learned during this primary season, and i'm making a list, it's that there are bigoted people out there of all varieties, the uneducated and the educated alike. people want to be spoon fed. everyone is clamoring at obama to be like them, to tell them what they want to hear. why don't they go and get their own information?
am i among the few people who can actually research information on my own, read a book, go to the library, visit a website to find what i need?
they listen to gossip, stupid tv, rumors and silly emails. am i one of the few that can distinguish between crap and the real thing?
can you imagine what obama must think at the end of the day. he must just shake his head sometimes. it makes me indignant and outraged. but obama has the patience of a saint.