Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary is Not the End of the Road

hillary is the beginning of the road, not the end of the road for women in the white house. i wish i said that but it was gwen ifill on meet the press. women have got to open their eyes to that. just like obama quickly rose, on his merits, a woman will rise too. obama's presidency will help in that regard because his cabinet could be one of the most diverse ever.
hillary's supporters are so distraught that she's not going to be the first woman president that they've pulled out all the stops just like hillary. they probably haven't given a moment's thought to supporting obama at any time during the nomination process. but the not so die-hards already have begun the switch. the thing that i don't get is that the hillarys say, in protest, they will vote for the republican man but not the democratic man. i don't think that is ultimately what would happen though. that would be highly selfish of them. this nation that needs to get back on track. ultimately, hillary will come around. there's talk that hillary is staying in for the good of the campaign, that her staying in to the end will help rally her supporters to obama.